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Supernova is back!

The 6 member boy group Supernova is back. If you don´t remember them here is their MV for “Superstar”:

credits to lakartiae

Now they are back and they got together with T-ara and formed a project group with song called “Time to Love”. From T-ara are there Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon and from Supernova Jihyuk, Kwangsu and Gunil.

That´s not all…it seems that Supernova is finally coming back and in full count, they released a MV for their Japanese song “Kimidake wo zutto”, what is in english “only you always”…watch it here:

credits to menapha

Another news surfaced…Supernova wants to be like DBSK…seems like DBSK are idols for idols?…well that´s how it is…Supernova is looking up to DBSK, they want to become famous in Japan just like DBSK, to get number 1 on Oricon Charts and to hold a concert at TokyoDome…wish them luck!

Tell me your wish, I´m a genie for your wish…. 🙂

What do you think? Should they get a genie, or can they get hold of their dream on their own?


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