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G-Dragon´s surprise for fans…”She´s gone” MV

G-dragon, leader of Big Bang, surprised his fans and a new MV is out! “She´s gone” is sure an interesting song…if you don´t minde a murder running after his victim and killing at the end…well it is G-Dragon so many girls would say OMG! I DON´T MIND!….no comment…

It´s just a mv so watch it…

credits to newbernboi


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Wedding dress by Taeyang

Taeyang from BigBang is working on his solo album, another song from it Wedding dress has a MV to it….a sad story….beautifull voice…

credits to alwaystaeyang

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Taeyang is looking for you!

“Where u at” isn´t the way he ask where you are, definetely, because that is the name of his new solo song, without BigBang, but still can get your heart go wild!

Just few words….bringing “sexy back” “Where u at” yeah!

credits to BabyB0ngaholic

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KBS bans Seungri

In Korea is getting popular to change the lyrics after milions of people heard it already…problems with getting banned didn´t have only DBSK with “Mirotic” or Rain with “Rainism”. This time it´s Seungri´s solo “Strong Baby”

KBS banned SeungRi from performing “Strong Baby” on their music show because they think the word “crack” used in his song was inappropriate, because it was relevant to drugs, they suggest YG change the word or else SeungRi won’t be able to perform it on their shows…

They defined “crack” as in “break it”, or “go gold(?)”, which they find very inappropriate, because it influences the use of drugs. However, YG has stated that the song has no intention of influencing drugs in anyway, from the start when they started promoting the song. KBS is asking them to review the song before performing again.

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Big Bang released MV Red Sunset

Big Bang has just released their latest MV “Red Sunset,” from their new 2nd album entitled “Remember.”

Red Sunset is a remake of popular veteran singer Lee Moon Sae’s hit song, back from when K-Pop was actually kick ass. This song actually brings back a lot of good memories.

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Remember Big Bang

New Album and a new teaser fo it…which will be released on November 5th, 2008.

The title song for this album is called “Red Sunset,” and is a remake of veteran singer Lee Moon Sae`s hit song.

YG Entertainment stated:

“There has been numerous remakes of this popular song by Lee Moon Sae, however Big Bang will take a completely different approach at remaking this song.”

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Big Bang is Number One and double this time!

Big Bang released their new music video for their japanese single Number 1.
Taeyangs dance solo with the girls is great, but G-dragon I don`t really like those glasses he wears at the start…

Just a day after release of Number 1, Big Bang has reached number 1on cyworld music chart.

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BIG BANG – Haru Haru Mvs released

First, even before Oh my friend MV, Big Bang released Haru Haru Mv…now it ahs even part 2!

that is number one Mv!

all thanks to wondersmurf

and the second one…I like the end

all thanks to Safari100001

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Big Bangs new MV “Oh my friend”

It is really cool, it is the 2nd MV from their new album and it is really great, Seungri as a mime, G-dragon as a criminal, TOP as a police men (so hot), Daesung as a boxer and Taeyang as a mechanic…

a song about friendship…

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