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Super Junior with “Carnival”

I want to go to some kind of tropical island…and dance…is it just me?

credits to randomRinnie


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SM Town Summer Album

SMTown´s summer album “09 Summer SMTown” will be released on 14th August.

After 2 years SMTown releases summer album…DBSK, SuperJunior and SHINee has worked together on this one. They released the title song “Seaside”.

Other songs from the album will be ‘12.34′, a song with medium tempo, by Dong Bang Shin Ki, ‘Carnival’ by Super Junior first revealed during their Super Show II concert. Ann also powerful dance song ‘Scar’ by SHINee.

credits to dirah9302

The title song was released as first, but you don´t need to wait too long for the rest. The album has 4 songs, the 2nd one “Scar” by SHINee will be released on 12th August, than on 13th August “Carnival” by Super Junior and teh last on 14th August “12.34” by DBSK.

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Super Junior with “It´s you”

Super Junior, and all 13 are back, after “Sorry, Sorry” MV they released and snatched 1st place on Music Bank only a week of promoting “It´s you”.

I think I really shoul get myself a youtube account 😛

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Super Junior´s “Sorry sorry”


Super Junior is back with their 3rd. album “Sorry sorry” and they already released their MV for a song under the same name… after a long time there are all 13th boys together…can´t be  better…

Sorry sorry MV:

credit to CJWTown

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Henry gets a nickname from ELF – HenMochi

Super Junior M member Henry Lau also known as the Violin Boy and the cause for the Only 13 campaign has been through some rough patches with ELF (Super Junior’s Official Fanclub) from his first appearance in Super Junior’s Comeback Music Video, Dont Don.

However it seems Nuna ELF members has finally loosen their grudge on him as a member of Super Junior (M). The proclaimed Pro 13 ELFs recently gave Henry the nick name “HenMochi”, a combination of Henry and Mochi (his nickname because he has chubby mochi like cheeks).

A particular fan stated ELF has began to “Treasure Henry like the way they treasured Reyowook” yars ago.

It seems the sudden change of heart came from the inmense popularity Henry received from being part of HenWook (HenRyeo, RyRy, ect} Couple along with fellow member Ryeowook in Super Junior M.

However the non-nuna ELF still does not accept him.

And sadly ELF continues to protest Zhou Mi.

Who knows why? I`m sure they will like Zhou Mi at the end too, but why not right away?

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Super Junior M´s new MV “Me”

it´s so refreshing and cute…and all the members sing a part here…

Heechul and ZhouMi:

Thi is Heechuls entry on his cyworld:

Ah, Zhou Mi is one among my group of cute buddies

Although I’m unsure of how numerous fans see (him) in what kind of light

But to me, before ‘Super Junior M’ made their debut, he was a cute dongsaeng

Tracing back in time to the summer of 2006..

I was in the hospital recuperating because of my car accident

Apart from Yang Ban Kim (Noble Gold–Kibum), Hankyung who came everyday keeping me busy and making noise..!!

One day, Hankyung brought Zhou Mi along

Kyung: (Came to) Say hi~ This is Zhou Mi who just came~

(In ‘Hankyung terms’~)

Zhou Mi : Annyeonghaseyo. I am Zhou Mi*

(Annyeonghaseyo. I am Zhou Mi)

*He wrote as Chyo Mi

Me (Heechul): Marinate sauce**….(-┏)

** 조미료 (Jo Mi Ryo) is a homonym for marinate sauce/condiment/flavouring/seasoning

Yang Ban Kim : Pfft..

Kyung : Puhahahahahahahahahahahaha

Me : ㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑ (Kya)

Zhou Mi : ^-^?

To everyone who’d see this (would think) I’m making it difficult for Zhou Mi on our first meeting

When I got discharged, I couldn’t even walk and making food for myself was very difficult..

The gentleman who was called Marinate sauce came to my side using rusty Korean

Zhou Mi : Hyung.. Are you okay?

(Hyung..Are you okay?)

Me : Oh Marinate sauce~ Don’t bother about me, you go out and play on your own~ㅋㅋ

Zhou Mi : No^-^ Han Geung Hyung said to let me help you^-^

(No^-^ Hankyung Hyung said to let me help you^-^)

Just like that, he helped me with this and that (+_+)

After I finished eating, he brought me my crutches

When I was about to sleep, he covered me with my blanket

He supported me to the restroom, seemingly afraid that I’d fall so he often gave me support

He switched on the TV, helped me to change the channel, helped me to switch on the air-conditioning He did everything for me

Almost like my step-mother (-┏)

Ah.. Sad and emotional tears are gonna come out, getting immersed in past memories..(유_유)

Because he is very tall but he’s a very kind and cute buddy. Hu~

A funny fella who’d stay silent about his own height when I talk about friends who are about the same height_ . Hu~

A fella just like a white pigeon who’d come to find me first when he reaches Korea. Hu~

This time, after the Shanghai concert, “Marinate sauce! Hyung’s leaving~” I said to him

This fella with a gentleman’s heart.. (His) Eyes went watery. Hu~

No matter what

The period where I couldn’t move at all, the one who became my arms and legs Marinate sauce(+_+)

OMG! Heechul and ZhouMi are so cute! Have to look for videos with ZhouMi…

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Kim Heechul revealing shocking things on Ya Shim Man Man

“Ya Shim Man Man – Entertainers Village” had Super Junior member, Kim Heechul on the show where he revealed a sad story that he had coughed out blood while performing.
He revealed that it’s really tough and tiring being a singer. They often have to withstand inhuman stress levels. He also revealed a sad story that he had coughed out blood before while performing on stage.

Kim Heechul recalled when Super Junior was promoting “Don’t Don”, “When we were recording the song ‘Don’t Don’, I was given the latter portion where I had to shout out ‘Super Junior’. I was praised for doing it well by the song composer after finishing my part for the first time. I was full of vigour after that and every time when it was time for us to perform this song, I would scream really hard for my part. But after a few performances, blood started appearing. I would cough out blood after every ‘Don’t Don’ performance.”

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Super Junior Happy – Pajama party :)

credit to SapphireJunior08

Super Juniors brand new MV! It´s crackstatic, wish I would be one of those girls…pillow fight!!! and the gorrila …scary… 🙂 I love it :)))

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