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A copy of SNSD again?!

You might have read about it already, a chinese gril group that is similar to SNSD was spotted.

Which group is where? I know you can tell the differenc. 😀

Idol Girls, is a 9 member chinese girl group. The members arew average 18 and are talented not only as singers, but as models, actresses, mc´s and more.

9members…SNSD and Idol Girls have both 9 members, but could it really be copied from SNSD? There is no law saying there can´t be another girl group with 9 members.

Wearing same uniforms as SNSD? After some “looking around”  I found an interesting statement (youtube -urasiansourcecpop), that on the picture above isn´t Idol Girls, just some girls that did a parody on SNSD´s Tell me your wish.

Are you a chinese? Yeah you should be ashamed not that some chinese group copies SNSD, but that you really believed it before checking some info about it.

SNSD is very famous, and I´m a fan too. But I don´t think that whenever I see some girl group that has some similarity to SNSD, has to copy them. What if there was a group before SNSD, that SNSD copies??? Wouldn´t you try to tell people it´s not true!

Let´s see how will the REAL Idol Girls do in the business.


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SNSD and SUPER JUNIOR get together!

SNSD girls and Super Junior boys got together to show you the beauty of Seoul and their voices. Those two groups released a song together “Seoul Song” and now the MV is out.

credit to proto530

How do you like couples?

Taeyeon and Siwon got together thanks to the angel Leeteuk, Seohyun as a cute girl and Kyuhyun the painter, Jessica and Sungmin as photographers, Sooyoung and Donghae as dancers, but don´t get together, and Shindong with Sunny, never though that before but they go well together. shindong is so cute! And Ryewook, Eunhyuk, Yesung apear in the MV too. Yesung and Eunhyuk like once!

Love it 😀

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Why do you like SNSD?

I found on internet forums (like so many that I was too lazy to count them) about why do you like/hate SNSD. Well…because I´m a fan of them…sort of…I´m not that kind of obsessed one…I want to post this up. Here are some reasons why you…fans…like SNSD: (they are lined up randomly)

1.Looks…all of the girls are good looking, pretty, cute and so on

2.voices…cute nice voices

3.songs that are easy listening to, catchy…you can folow after them, it is easy and looks good

5.energetic…as in their clothes, hair, acessories

What more? Generaly that is all, things like they are talented, really pretty, behave like normal girls, and above or something that is the same meanings but you say it with different words (it is still same: like when you say beautiful and i say pretty).

Try to think hard if you are a fan of SNSD, why are you one? I don´t know either…the only thing that comes on my minde is because of their songs, that are catchy like Gee and Tell me your wish genie…I really like those not more of them…I´m sorry, but it is the truth.

What is your opinion?

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T-ara time!

T- ara is after their debut single  “Lie” back with a lot of what to watch, I´m talking about their 3 MV´s.

Bo Peep Bo Peep – dance version:

credit to UrAsianSource

Bo Peep Bo Peep – sexy version (is it really called like that?):

credit to UrAsianSource

Like the beginning:

credit to UrAsianSource


What do you think? Is it good or bad? Did they improve or not?

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“You are my pet” Kim Hyun Joong

No, you can´t get Kim Hyun Joong, the leader of SS501 as a pet for yourself, but you can see him act as one? Confused? Our lovely Flower boy and a member of F4 from BOF (“Boys Over Flowers) has been casted for this movie.The female will be played by SooAe.

You are my pet is a movie based on japanese manga “Kimi Wa pet”=Tramps like us. You could see “Kimi wa pet” a japanese filmed version of this manga, featuring Matsumoto Jun of Arashi and japanese actress Koyuki.

The drama revolves around a fashion magazine editor and a pretty boy, of course the female lead will let the boy stay in her house and….if you want to know more you hae to wait…it is still a secret how the korean version would be done and if really SooAe and Kim Hyun Joong will act in the movie or not. There are some rummors floating around that SooAe´s agency denied the fact about her acting in the movie or that they said a no to it.

Won´t it be great to see HyunJoon act like a pet?

Let´s wait and see…

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