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The SHINBI with Hero

The Shinbi, no not a new group, but a project group formed of Shinji a Koyote member and Solbi ex-Typhoon member. Those two ladies got together for an album, released on 17th February.


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Infinity challenge

Infinity challenge is up to antoher parody, this time paroding SNSD´s Gee…oh how hilarious they look as girls, at first i though Junjin looks kinde of good…okay, from faaaaar away!…

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May Doni

May Doni is another korean singer, she was called the next Se7en, and now even Next BoA? She pulled out a great performance of BoA´s Girls on Top…

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Pink Heart Shubie


XING Entertainment formed a sweet sugar cute girl group, “Pink Heart”.

Consists of Kim Won-Hee/ “Vanilla” (15), Park Seo-Jin/”Caramel”(14- she was that controversial winner of I am a Model, because of her semi-nude shots), Jeon Min-Joo/”Choco” (14) and Park Su-Ji/”Candy” (12).

They are very young and bubbly…maybe one day the will grow up so prettyly as Kara or SNSD. I feel old… 🙂

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Jumper and Yes!

Shinwas´s member Andy, that participiated in We Got Married, and married SolBi, is making his new career as a music producer. Because some of the Shinhwa members are busy with their military duty, the others are trying to  catch our attention. Junjin, is now married to Lee Si Young, it´s some time that Andy divorced Solbi on the same show, maybe he will have more luck. Junjin was on Infinity challenge too. And now  back to Andy, starting his work as music producers, he wants you to meet Jumper!

Jumper is a new idol group with 2 males. Rocky, true name Kim Rok Hyun (18) and Park Dongmin (21). Rocky is the main vocalist, he looks a bit like Jo Kwon of 2AM. PArk Dongmin is the rapper and he looks a bit like Lee MinKi.

Here is their performance of Yes!

I must say that Rocky has a good voice and is kinde of cute…well for Dongmin I can´t say the same, but he is a good rapper. 🙂

I love the intro, with the Jumper in it. But what´s with the Eric on top of the Yes? Dunno…the dance is crazy…and maybe there could be more rapping or something but there is really little bit of Dongmin…

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Happy Valentines day!!!

Another year, and there is again Valentine day! So have a great, romantic day woith your loved one. If your alone don´t worry, there is somewhere there outside a person that is looking for you, just as much as you´re looking for him/her. If you are alone and don´t minde, just like me, than there is nothing to say to you. Found this cute picture…it really knows how you feel…how ever you feel…


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UNIVERSE – BoA, Crystal Kay, M-Flo´s Verbal

BoA, Crystal Kay and M-flo Verbal…with the song Universe they caught my attention fully…when they combine together is there something more to say…really good song…love it!

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Hwayobi with Half

“Half” is the name of Hwayobi´s new song.

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Sori debuted on the February 13th on KBS Musi Bank with her single “Real Lips”. Her MV is beeing directed by Kwon Soonwook, BoA´s brother.

Not only BoA´s brother is helping Sori with her career, but Lee Jun Ki too, he will be featured in Sori´s debut album “Lips” on the song “Pinky Finger”.

Sori was already well known by her musicals, she is the main character in “The Ballerina who loved a B-Boy”. (must be really good musical)

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9th Street

9th Street a new co-ed group of both males and females…with a fresh music style…everyone writes about 4members, two girls and two boys, maybe I ´m bad at counting, but there is six members, it seems that this group is formed from 2 subgroups and two singers… the female duo FOXX, male duo PPER and KeunHwa and J-ho. Very refreshing, cool and a great mix…

To me it looks like 6 people, who do music, got together, because they do music on the same street…nah….just jocking! They are really awesome!

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