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FT Island: “I hope”

A new MV from FT  Island with time travel, they go back in time and make a Hit of their song! Great!

credits to kpopsubs

What to say… Hongki has orange hair, JaeJin is dork…and my cute Minhwan is gone T.T…


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Ft-island Last Match drama…

Heaven+Loving you in part 1


Love the part where Hongki plays with the ball aroun and he has the butterfly on his finger, just so sweet…and why does Jonghyun get the girl?It almost looks like he is the bad guy…

And in the second part where is Jaejin, well I cant say I like his hair, either Hongkis, didnt they look better before? But is so nice to see Jaejin risking his life for a girl (I think it is a noona…isn` t she?), they are so cute together, but it is sad, what happens in the end. But yeah, Jaejin is better at acting….

hm…in next drama, let Minhwan have a big role…

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Ft-islands Last match a music drama

Ft-island recently released a preview video of their track, “Last match” from their 2nd Album, ”Colorful Sensibility.”
It is from a music drama, which was directed by the famous director Chang, and will be 20 minutes long.
The full music drama will be released on October 13th via and the album will be released on Ocotber 15th.

If they play in it, it` s like 20 minutes long, I`m so gona die happy watching this!

HEre is the preview for now:

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