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Super Junior…

It has been a long time and becuse there are things happening, I decided to write a new post after really long time. And what is better topic than hot guys, that are funny, talented and more…???

Of course I´m talking about SUPER JUNIOR!

After a year and few months (if I remember correctly it should be 1 year and 2 months) SJ finally made their comeback…here are the MV´s to their two songs they performed on various music shows.

Mr.Simple: this is the main song they are promoting right now…

all credit kPopRom

Superman: the only thing that Super Junior is missing from Superman is man…

all credit XanXhi5

What is happening to Super Junior?

They are, as you may already know as a fan of SuJu, promoting with only 10 members…wait…there was a lot of them, wasn´t it more than  10? They debuted as a stable idol group with 13th members…

Let´s start with the missing members, the 3 members are Kangin, Han Geng and Kibum…

Kangin…shortly saying this member hadn´t had so much luck…he was involved in an assault case, he was arrested for beeing involved in a fight infront of a bar, it was proven that he reacted for self-defense. But later, an intoxicated Kangin crashed into a parked taxi with 3 passengers and left the scene. He later turned himself in, but the case was already a hit-and-run. His activities were canceled.To reflect on himself and show a better him to his fans and people he enlisted for his military service.

Han Geng…decided to leave SuJu, he filed for contract termination from SM Entertainment, the reason was that it had provisions in SM´s favor, the lenght was 13 years, and he was forced to do things that  were not in his contract. Han Geng returned to his Homeland, after leaving SuJu and started his solo carreer.

Kibum…he didn´t leave the group or enlisted for military service. He is working hard on his acting carreer. Kibum has proved that he is a great actor. He acted in two movies, one beeing the SuJu movie “Attack on the Pin-up Boys” and in “Jumunjin”. And he acted in around 7 series. Right now he isn´t promoting with the rest of SuJu, because of filming. Looking forwar….

What about the rest of the group?

Leeteuk…the leader….of course not only he is the hyung and leader of SuJu, he appears on many variety shows and has with Eunhyuk their radio show.

Heechul…starting the 1st September (what´s today) he enlisted for military service. Come back soon…we will miss our cat, diva…Kim Heechul!

Yesung…the last thing i heard he was leaving Immortal Song.

Shindong…of course Shindong got with their comeback more camera time on stage, he loose some weight and looks better as ever. Not that I didn´t like my round Shindong…

Donghae…was busy, or still is?, with filming for the new taiwanese drama “Extravagant Challenge” with Siwon…

Siwon…the same as Donghae, filming for the drama “Extravagant Challenge” and a lead character in korean drama “Poseidon”…Siwon as military police in an uniform or as a star….which one to pick?

Ryewook takes a part in a musical “The Temptation of Wolf”

Kyuhyun is on the show “Immortal Song”.

Eunhyuk…variety shows, doing radio show with Leeteuk…


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