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Cry with Us

thanks to coolsmurf

Project album titled “Cry With US”… top celebrities from South Korea came together to help starving children in North Korea. Celebrities like Wonder Girls, Jewelry, SG Wanabe, Insooni, Kim Hyun Jung, Shin Ji, Yurisangja, Park Sang Min, Byun Jin Sup, Jang Hye jin, Lee Ji Hoon, Lee Jung hyun, Mighty Mouth, Cha In Pyo, Shin Ae Ra, KCM, Jadu, Shin Jung Hwan and Jeon Cheol Woo. The celebrities gathered at the Booming Studio in Daechi-dong, Seoul for the press conference and recorded the song.

The project aims to give aid to the starving children of the North as well as to give them a message of hope. The lyrics of the song stress that people of the South and North Korea are one and promote the message of sharing. All the proceeds from album sales will be used to help North Korean children.

A sweet song full of love and hope… wery touching…


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It`s Hyorish

Lee Hyo Ri will be releasing her 3rd album, with the name “It`s Hyorish”, which was filmed in Hawai.

She is making her comeback in July 2008, after almost 2 years.

Here is a video, a short teaser for her next album… credits to youngmankore

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Kim Hyun Joong as Hanazawa Rui

SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong was casted as the F4 member Hanazawa Rui in the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango. Which is scheduled to be broudcasted via KBS 2TV in the first half of 2009.

This is the third version of the Japanese manga, that it will be turned into a drama serie. 1st- Taiwanese version (2001) and the 2nd Japanese (2005).

Kim Hyun Joong was chosen because of his character that he showed in “We got married”, where he is the husband of HwangBo.

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Kpop- Hottes Male Star Finals

As for the female stars, there must be the hottest guy… In Semifinal round were Yunho, TOP, Hero, G-Dragon

In the finals, something unpredictable happened, the final fight was bettween the two members of DBSK… Yunho vs Hero

Well the hottest guy is Hero – Kim Jaejoong….

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Kpop- Hottest Female Star Finals

Who is the hottest star from kpop?

In semifinal round were Hyori, Sunye, BoA, Yoobin…

In finals were Yoobin and BoA

Well who do you think won? ….BoA….

cant believe it? Neither I…but she is kinda hott, so congrats…

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TOUCHS another girl group

Rumors were spread that SM was going to debut another GIRL group and it is true…

TOUCHS is a 7 member group, that will debut this June with a digital single. 4 members from Korea, 3 from China, Jpan and Singapore.

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Kim Hee Chul in Hospital

Kim Hee Chul has at the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul undergo a surgery on his left leg to remove iron rods. This is the 3rd. surgery on the leg. He was in a serious accident about 2 years ago. He had five fractures in his left leg.

His surgery was a success, and he is resting for now. But in a month another treatment awaits him.

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The B – new girl group

A new girl group with 7 members will debut….The B…

To continue the momentum and success of the girl groups phenomen. The title song is a sad balad “B love”, it is about forgeting a sad romance. Their acappela singing is different than the others girl groups offer. With 2 versions of their “B Love” MV they want to leave a strong impression on viewers.

Goodberry Entertainment:” Viewers will experience something refreshing from The B because of their amazing acappella and appearance.”

watch the video… I, personaly dont like it, maybe the 2nd will be better…

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Big Bang releasin a new album

BIG BANG’s new Korean album, which will be released in August, includes a song written and composed by T.O.P.

According to a YG Entertainment official, despite BIG BANG’s busy overseas and local performances, T.O.P. has still managed to work on writing lyrics and composing.

“We heard the song T.O.P. did and it’s a really great and we’re all impressed. This new album is going to be something that has more of BIG BANG’s own style as not only G-dragon’s song will be included in it but also T.O.P.’s,” Seungri revealed.

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“If it’s true love, it’s not a problem even if it’s 10 years difference.”-Kim Hyun Joong

MBC “We Got Married” is getting more and more popular while the older woman, younger man couple of Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong age gap of 6 years has been a talking point since the beginning. But Kim Hyun Joong expressed, “If it’s true love, it’s not a problem even if it’s 10 years difference.”

On MBC “Come To Play” on 16th June,Kim Hyun Joong stated that age is not an issue when he was asked about his “wife”, Hwang Bo who was older than him by 6 years.

If you watch movies, many couples break up because of their age or career. I really can’t understand that. I am those who believe that you should get married with the one that you truely love. Even if your parents or close friends object to it, I will unconditionally safeguard my love. If it’s true love, it’s not a problem even if it’s 10 years difference.

You could tell that Hwang Bo was really moved by his statement and the hosts even joked that Hwang Bo was so touched that she was tearing.

On a sidenote, after the excitement of anticipating the “Come To Play” especially after seeing the peppero game in the previews, it was like a major slap in the face when it was not shown AT ALL after many had endured over 2 hours of watching this long-drawn special over 2 parts. Andy and Seo In Young even left midway to show how long-drawn it is!

When asked about this, the PD expressed, “The recording took 8 – 9 hours and was longer than we expected. Andy and Seo In Young had other work commitments on hand and thus had to leave earlier than expected with most of the questions being asked already.”

Well, so we no get to see Solbi and Andy nor Crown J and Seo In Young kiss in the peppero game. Why did they edit that out? Lack of time? Wanting to add more credibility? Fans backlash? I wonder.

Sneaks of Andy and Solbi wedding photoshoot to be shown in a latter episode.

Looking forward to it…. i love the younger/older couple….

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