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SNSD aka Girl´s Generation got a boy? Just one? 13 girls on 1 boy…oh boy….

credits to kpopsubs2

Girl´s Generation´s comeback…wow! oh, the MV is out! …after 5 minutes and 4 seconds….WHAT THE…!!!! Is this SNSD? Helloooo….where did those bubbly girls with catchy songs go?! After second listening….hmm…pretty good…

I hate comments! This is not really a song that would be typical for GG, but wasn´t it right time for them to come up with something new? And did they do well? Yep they did! From head to toe those girls looks stylish, pretty and flawless like always! Rapping?! Sooyoung starting of the song with her rap, followed by Yuri…remind me when this ever happened before? I must say that the girls with their rapping skills and voices killed it! Even though I had to watch the MV two times…first it was without eng subs so I was like, whatever they are saying the song is kind of mixed up version of few songs, right? But the second songs with the subs, when I got to know the story of this song…I was like wow! The girls sure know how to express it and the dance…LOVE IT! I got a boy…..

I´ll stop babbling right now…but it is up to you… Did SNSD aka GG do good with promoting this song or not? Is it a hit or flop?


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Jewelry members want you to Look at me!

Jewelry come back with “Look at me”. One thing is sure, even after the member change Jewelry is still one of my favourite girl groups and I´m in love with Yewon´s hair.

credit to 

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Block B sings “Nillili Mambo” and it´s not another “mambo jambo whatever” song!

When I first heard Nillili Mambo I though…WTF?! It´s pretty late for a fun summer song, that will be another mambo jambo whatever song…

Block B showed me that I need to see the MV first and than make my opion about it. Why? Cause those guys have their own style for this song. Crazy hairstyles, funky slash rock beat (don´t know if this describtion is right, but beats me…), awesome rapping and singing and…

Just watch it and make your own opinion on those guys!

credit to 


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Independent women Miss A say: “I don´t need a man”

Miss A is back and this JYP girl group appears again strong with a great song, choreography and let´s not even talk about their style, missy. 


What got me was:

1.JYP on Ten Thousand Dollar Bill

2.their choreography

3.their hairstyles…Fei´s hairstyle, love it!

4.that would be pretty much guys everything…oh! one more thing…watch it!

credits to 

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Super Junior…

It has been a long time and becuse there are things happening, I decided to write a new post after really long time. And what is better topic than hot guys, that are funny, talented and more…???

Of course I´m talking about SUPER JUNIOR!

After a year and few months (if I remember correctly it should be 1 year and 2 months) SJ finally made their comeback…here are the MV´s to their two songs they performed on various music shows.

Mr.Simple: this is the main song they are promoting right now…

all credit kPopRom

Superman: the only thing that Super Junior is missing from Superman is man…

all credit XanXhi5

What is happening to Super Junior?

They are, as you may already know as a fan of SuJu, promoting with only 10 members…wait…there was a lot of them, wasn´t it more than  10? They debuted as a stable idol group with 13th members…

Let´s start with the missing members, the 3 members are Kangin, Han Geng and Kibum…

Kangin…shortly saying this member hadn´t had so much luck…he was involved in an assault case, he was arrested for beeing involved in a fight infront of a bar, it was proven that he reacted for self-defense. But later, an intoxicated Kangin crashed into a parked taxi with 3 passengers and left the scene. He later turned himself in, but the case was already a hit-and-run. His activities were canceled.To reflect on himself and show a better him to his fans and people he enlisted for his military service.

Han Geng…decided to leave SuJu, he filed for contract termination from SM Entertainment, the reason was that it had provisions in SM´s favor, the lenght was 13 years, and he was forced to do things that  were not in his contract. Han Geng returned to his Homeland, after leaving SuJu and started his solo carreer.

Kibum…he didn´t leave the group or enlisted for military service. He is working hard on his acting carreer. Kibum has proved that he is a great actor. He acted in two movies, one beeing the SuJu movie “Attack on the Pin-up Boys” and in “Jumunjin”. And he acted in around 7 series. Right now he isn´t promoting with the rest of SuJu, because of filming. Looking forwar….

What about the rest of the group?

Leeteuk…the leader….of course not only he is the hyung and leader of SuJu, he appears on many variety shows and has with Eunhyuk their radio show.

Heechul…starting the 1st September (what´s today) he enlisted for military service. Come back soon…we will miss our cat, diva…Kim Heechul!

Yesung…the last thing i heard he was leaving Immortal Song.

Shindong…of course Shindong got with their comeback more camera time on stage, he loose some weight and looks better as ever. Not that I didn´t like my round Shindong…

Donghae…was busy, or still is?, with filming for the new taiwanese drama “Extravagant Challenge” with Siwon…

Siwon…the same as Donghae, filming for the drama “Extravagant Challenge” and a lead character in korean drama “Poseidon”…Siwon as military police in an uniform or as a star….which one to pick?

Ryewook takes a part in a musical “The Temptation of Wolf”

Kyuhyun is on the show “Immortal Song”.

Eunhyuk…variety shows, doing radio show with Leeteuk…

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Who is CNBlues “Love”? Yonghwa has Seohyun…I

I know it is just pretend marriage on WGM between Yonghwa of CNBlue and SNSDs Seohyun…but they are so cute together.

Here is the MV for “Love” and Clap clap clap I want you back to me…

credits to kpopsubs1

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WG has asymmetrical tears:”2 Different tears” MV

credits to kpopsubs1

Love JYP with blond hair, and no wonder the girls are wonder girls..they are great! 🙂

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wannabe lookalike of Mickey-Yoochun in manga?!

I was reading manga and the next second I was laughing, because Mickey-Yoochun was mentioned in it. The manga´s name is Become Habituated To Kiss written and drawn by Hwang Miri. The male character seriously asked if he didn´t look like Mickey-Yoochun with curled hair…

Is it just me or there is no way they look alike?

Credits to the writer Hwang MiRi and

I must say I like the manga, but the mickey-yoochun thing got me 😀

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Strong heart….because….

Strong Heart, a talk show on SBS. The show started to air on October 6, 2009 and is still on. With the national funny (pig :D) host Kang Ho Dong and the sweet and funny singer Lee Seung Gi hosting the show. A show where 24 celebrity guests tell their stories, some entertaining, some make you cry and try to snatch the Strong Heart for themselfs.

The guest change for the episodes, you get new and new stories about celebrities from themselfs. Revealing truths about their lifes and scandals…there is only one show who can make your feelings like on a rollecoaster and that´s Strong Heart! (my own opinion…i know there is many other shows like that too…I´m trying to make it interesting…)

So why watch it? I made a short list of why…(tried really hard!)

1.Kang Ho Dong, you have to love this funny and unique host, who gets angry if compared to Yoo JaeSuk, shows his interests in coupling people which he has from Love Letter (a couple show on which he was the host), don´t forget his big head and his similarity to a pig…

2.Lee Seung Gi, you are a fan sure…If not than you should, this host is very funny, blunt, shows affection (mostly towards Yoona), is respectfull to his elders, and is using Kang Ho Dong to become a famous host, you can see him sometimes how he puts down Ho Dong…

3.Stories, many stories are told during each episode, some of them are explanations of scandals, issues of what happened, idols and other celebrities reveal funny or sad stories from their life…

4.Teukigayo, started as Boom Academy, but with Boom leaving for army, Leeteuk -Super Junior leader and Eunhyuk -Suju´s anchovy and dance machine and Shindong -Suju´s cute dancer and rapper took over the gags, they copy other celebrities, make fun of them, tell jockes, do skits and show pictures of celebrities, which are from their childhood, funny faces or the pretty ones, you just have to snap it into two pieces if it´s emberassing….that´s the unwritten rule…

5.performances, always some short performances, dances, singing, acting, imitating…

Some of the interesting things that happened or were revealed on strong heart…so you know what to watch if you want to know more about it:

Hwanhee from ex-duo Flight to the sky hated SM Town, the bright and cheerful family

Taeyeon stepps down as a leader

who dances better? Jo Kwon or Brian

Hwang Jung Eum about her relationship

Narsha´s age isn´t the only secret she has….whole profile is fake?

Deasung got into YG for his face…

Taecyoun and Yoona scandal

Leeteuk wants to marry Yoona, Seung Gi loves Yoona, Brian wants Yoona too…

Rain ripps his pants…

Heechul clears rumors about beeing gay…even G.O. though he is…

There are too many things I could write down, those are that I remember the most :)…please watch it you might like it…

If you are already watching it. What is your favorite part till now? Who would you like to see there and wasn´t there as a guest?

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Plagiarizing…is popular!

I don´t count how many times I´ve read the word plagiarizing while reading kpop news…

G-Dragon is popular for his plagiarizing casses, with many korean artists folowing…like CNBlue, Kara and even Lee Hyori!

G-Dragon´s “Heartbreaker” is a great song, but it´s not an original? It was a big issue that Heartbreaker is just another version of “Right round” by Florida. And now even his looks, a guy with blond hair and a fashionista is not original, because he is a wannabe. G-Dragon is a wannabe Milan Stankovic? Who is Milan Stankovic? He isn´t well know in Europe either, maybe if you are a Serbian, because he is a Serbian singer, who debuted in 2007 and now is back -taking part in Eurovision contest with his song “This is Balkan” (=Ove je balkan). Did GD really steal his looks and style from him?

That´s not all…Milan Stankovic´s (my favorite song from him) song “Face” has the same name as ChungLim´s song “Face”???

Here are both of the MV´s…what do you think is it the same song?

credits to KpopMoveMent

credits to mccanalplus

Just kidding! It isn´t the same song…I wasn´t serious there, ChungLim just popped in my minde when I wrote about Milan Stankovic and G-Dragon issue, because of the same name songs. And I don´t know why, but when ChungLim sings the refrain it kind of makes me think of the other artist…I´m confused… 😛

And if you watcht the FACE mv from the serbian singer, don´t you think that what he wears at 0:49 would totaly wear TOP of Big Bang, and his face kind of remindes me of Junsu from 2pm…I´m going crazy here! 😀

Another serbian artist is an idol for idol girl group Kara? It seems that Kara´s “Lupin” was inspired by Jelena Karleusa´s song “Insomnia”…found a video that compares those two…

credits to kentor3

This is all to this subject for now…will write new stuff after I see it, so wait till than. And no matter what like kpop songs or any other countries songs as their are. Some of the celebrities can´t do anything with what their companies do wtih them. (Like Kara, It´s a really small chance that Kara knew of some Jelena Karleusa…but maybe they did…and maybe the producer of their song or composer knew too. Or it could be that it´s the same person! I´ll stop blabbering here! I´m sorry!)

Have a nice day and week…your one and only ciagirl

I did so not plagiarize my nickname…just statting…

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