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Celebrity siblings!

If you are a big fan of a celebrity, how great it is if he or she has a sibling, that looks alike, or has some charm, that catches your attention, so you can say I´m a fan of both siblings. I got a sibling, and a sibling, and a sibling…too many? nope…so I know really how good or bad it is sometimes…but is it good or bad to be famous and have a famous sibling?

Here are some celebrities who are siblings, that I found. If the information is bad I apoligiez.:

Starting with SS501´s Kim Hyung Joon and U-Kiss´s Kibum:

Hard to say who is who? Those two brothers look a lot alike…this picture was taken some time ago…they both have new hairstyles now, but nothing else changed…they seem to have really good relationship.

Kim Junsu (DBSK) and Kim Junho:

So who doesn´t know Junsu? Don´t raise your hand there are fans everywhere!…so back to the topic…you could see the twins together on a show called Introducing a friend (hmm maybe the shows name was a bit different…sorry about that too lazzy to look it up) and Junho did a CF.

Jessica (from SNSD) and Krystal )from f(x) ):

The two beautiful and talented sisters. Sometimes when I see Krystal I would say she is more sister of Yuri, than Jessica…maybe just my imagination but really don´t they look a bit alike, specialy when Krystal ties her hair up?

Sandara Park (Dara from 2ne1) and Thunder (from MBLAQ):

The cute image runs in the family…and the talent too…I´m curious if they get more interaction on shows together…well 2ne1 nor mblaq aren´t on many tvshows, but with mblaq as new Idol Army it can happen.

MIR (from MBLAQ) and Go Eun Ah:

Actor Uhm Tae Woong (Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang) and actress/singer Uhm Jung Hwa:

Actor Lee Wan and actress Lee Tae Hee:

Ha Ji Won (Jeon Hae Rim) and Jeon Tae Soo:

Nathan Lee and Joanne:

Boa and her two older brothers Soon Hwon (has released 2 albums classical music) and Soon Wook (MV director, works with jewelry Ramee and BB Simon):

Lee Jaejin (from FTIsland) and actress Lee Chae Won (Lee Jae Gyung):

So that´s all…just few I found…is there more? I know about cousins and father-son celebrities. Next time maybe. So what do you think having siblings as celebrities is a win-win or not? 😀




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MAMA winners and performances!

MAMA (before MKMF): Mnet´s Asian Music Awards had taken place yesterday and here is the list of winners:

Best Asian award: Dong Bang Shin Ki….only Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong came to get the award and there is where it starts… where are the other two members? (Yunho and Changmin) They didn´t come becasue of SM´s boycoting MAMA, but SM responded to the three members who came and took the award in name of DBSK, that they didn´t had the right to do so…who knows what´s the truth behinde this…let´s hope it will end soon and DBSK will be as 5 members on stage again 🙂

Best Representative for Asia: Dong Bang Shin Ki

Best new male artist: Supremes

Best new female artist: 2ne1

Best song: 2ne1´s I don´t care

Best MV: 2ne1´s Fire

Music Portal Mnet Award: 2NE1

Director of Music Video Award: Hong Won Ki

Best Trot:Hong Jin Young´s Love Battery

Best Dance: Kara´s Honey

Best mixed gender group: 8eight

Artist of the year: 2pm

Best male group: 2pm

Best female group: Brow Eyed Girls

Album of the Year: G-Dragon´s Heartbreaker

Best Asian Composer: JYP

Best Female Solo Artist: Baek Ji Young

Best Male Solo Artist: Drunken Tiger

Best R&B/Ballad Song: Kim Tae Woo’s Love Rain

Best House/Electronic: Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra

Asian Recommend: AKB48

Best Rock Song: Boowhal’s Remembering

Best Hip Hop Artist: Leessang

Best OST Award: SS501’s Because I’m Stupid for Boys Over Flowers

CGV Popularity Award: Super Junior…too bad they didn´t attend because of SM´s boycot

Overseas Viewer Award: Super Junior

Mobile Popularity Award: Super Junior

2009 Hall of Fame: Shim Soo Bong

List of performances:

Opening act: Tiger JK with Monster

Seo In Gook + Baek Ji Young: Don´t Forget- IRIS OST

Seo In Gook + actress Hyun Yuni: Dance stage – Boom Boom Pow

Seo In Gook + Choir: Calling you

AKB48: River

2ne1: 21st street – I don´t care… musical style

– Kiss by Dara

– You and I by Bom

– Please don´t go by CL and Minzy

Female Rappers: Hyunah and Jiyoon from 4minute, Miryo from BEG, Baby J from Jewelry – Lip Gloss + pay day with Yoo Mi Rae

Ivy: Touch me with Nickhun

2pm (still without their leader): Intro + Heartbeat + Again and Again…I though that  though that Jaebeom would jump out of somewhere and join them, they left a light free, so it looked like Jaebeom would apear…oh and JYP featured their song, playing the conductor

Beast (without their leader): BigBangs lies

G-Dragon + Taeyang: Korean Dream

G-Dragon: Heartbreaker

Taeyang: Where U at + Wedding dress

Brown Eyed Girls: Sign

Kara: Honey rock version

BEG + Kara: mix version of Abracadabra + Mister

Seo In Young + Kim TaeWoo + EpikHigh+ Shim Soo Bong: I love you all I know

THE END….hope you watched it and enjoyed it…great performances, great music, great styles…and let´s  hope next year we will see again MAMA or MKMF and this time with all of the singers (nothing against SM…I just missed SHiNee, f(x), Super Junior, SNSD…and Yunho with CHangmin from DBSK).

Let´s wait for their brand new songs and more…they put a lot of hard work into it. Thank you!

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Wedding dress by Taeyang

Taeyang from BigBang is working on his solo album, another song from it Wedding dress has a MV to it….a sad story….beautifull voice…

credits to alwaystaeyang

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MBLAQ having fun with GOOD luv

MBLAQ´s MV for GOOD luv is out…not really…it´s not their real MV…I don´t know if i should be sad or not…because i love it!

Watch it here:

credits to absolutemblaq2

Hard to believe that the cool guys have another side to them, that is cute and adorable… 🙂

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Chu from f(x)

F(x)…you know already who…SM Entertainments latest group, girl group consisting of Victoria, Luna, Krystal, Sulli and Amber, those girls are making it hard for the other girl groups…After they stopped promoting Lachata and did a twin song with SNSD Chocolate love they released a MV for Chu…just one word CATCHY….and i don´t get why it´s not a number one (well ss501 are hard to beat).


credits to kpopsubs

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4minute know What a girl wants

After Hot Issue and Muzik, 4minute realeased a MV for their song “What a girl wants”….just watch the MV and it will answer all your questions…those girls know what they are doing…

credits to kpopsubs

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2ne1´s Park Bom released her solo song “You and I”

the tittle says it all…

credits to kpopsubs

Love her voice, can´t wait for more 2ne1 stuff!

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SS501 boys are looking for “Love like this”

I´m sorry for breaking your heart, but they aren´t looking for you…

Love like this is their new song and here is the MV to it…

“Love like this”

credits to kpopsubs

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IU loves a “Marshmallow”

IU´s new song called “Marshmallow”….it´s cute, funny, sweet….I mean her or the mashmallow? I think I need some sweets right now…

Here is the MV:

credits to UrAsianSource

I don´t know why but when i watched this MV..i found out that IU remindes me of Rainy Yang, or Ariel Lin or even Cyndi, when they act in their dramas…just mix up the sweet, cute and dorky sides of them…

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2PM´s “Heartbeat”

2PM is back….or should i say 1:59….unfortunately they are back as 6 member group, they are working hard even though they are missing their leader Jaebum…but maybe not for too long….there is still hope!

Here is their MV for Heartbeat:

credit to UrAsianSource

What do you think? Can they catch your heart even if they are only 6 members?

Their looks are quite funny, the fact that they all have darker hair, you have to love the little palm on their heads 😀

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