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Minnovation…or Minwoo is back!

“M” Lee Minwoo is back with a new album “Minnovation”.

credit to absolutshinhwa

What to say…can´t be better?… starting with his cool and sexy look, to a dj, a hot guy with a red car, than jumping into a comics…not forgeting to show he can dance and the end is hilarious! What´s with the bad boy image? 😀


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Atashinchi no Danshi


Atashinchi no Danshi… I recomend this drama, I mean comedy… the story is about a “net cafe refugee” with other words a 20 years old homeless girl Chisato. Her mother died and she is left with a dad, that made a huge debt. Saved from repossessors by a man named Shinzo. Not only he takes care of her debt, but he makes her a part of his family. His family consisting of 6 adopted sons – Fuu, Takeru, Sho, Masaru, Satoru and Akira, one of them should be his successor, but all of them are a bit odd. Chisato becomes their mother to repay the debt. Life with 6 “sons” can´t be easy and their weird behaviour isn´t the only thing that makes Chisatos life hard…

If you want to know more,  watch it…it is really good, but that is mine opinion. 😛

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Michael Jackson died

The bigest shock for all fans of Michael Jackson is his dead. It can be compared to the dead of Elvis Presley. The 50 years old King of pop was getting ready for his tour, but his fans won´t be able to see him perform again. Unofficialy is it said that Jaksons suffered a cardiac arrest.

Jackson was a child star, which grow up to a most selled pop singer ever.

Jacksons family was worried, and now their worries fullfiled, they were worried about his health. Jackson was trying hard for his fans. He was getting ready for his tour of 50 concerts. This tour was already delaed, one say it was because of his health, the others that there were technical problems.

Why? Is a question everyone asks, he was afterall a great star, who rocked the music world with his big hits like Thriller or Billie Jean.

I´m really sad, even though he destroyed his face with the many plastic surgerys, he was a star. Even the korean celebrities think so too… CL of 2ne1 showed her respect towards him on Music Bank.

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