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White X`mas with KAT-TUN

Here is White X`mas, KAT-TUN`s song….it`s reallz nice and immediately got the feeling of X`mas… 25 days to X`mas but only 13 days to my 18 bday… can`t wait…for both…


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KAT-TUN in Korea?

KAT-TUn will be releasing their 8th single “White X`mas” in Korea on the 17th of December. It is hard for Japanese singers to debut and to get popular in Korea, but KAT-TUN should be able to do so. Hwaiting!


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Their album teaser pictures let us to anticipation for some good transformation of the “new” KARA.

And with the teaser video ‘Pretty Girl’ for their upcoming 2nd minialbum

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DBSK calendar…

The 2009 Lotte Official Calendar was released for TVXQ/DBSK, and the pictures look great.

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SS501 are U R Man….

Love the whole dark feel of it. Hyungjoon  with his hair like that the the tattoo across his chest, YUMMEH!  Kyujong keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter… That part where he’s walking through the corridor and passing all those girls was so sexy, especially when he would smirk at the camera and touch his hair XD.  And Youngsaeng!!  He look even better!

So here it is their new MV for U R Man featuring only 3 members…

SS501 memebrs are really bussy. HyunJoong is filming Boys over Flowers drama and Jungmin is in a musical call Grease. Both of them will be very busy till the end of January or longer. The other 3 members do not have solo activties to do, so a sub-unit is formed but still under the name SS501! All five members will have an official comeback around April-May 2009.

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MKMF awards

Dong Bang Shin Ki – the Best Album- Dong Bang Shin Ki said, “We felt the pressure to restart our promotions again in Korea (after a long while). So we would like to thank our fans and company staff for believing and supporting us all this while.”

– Auction Style Award

-Auction Netizen Popularity Award

-Oversea Viewers Award

Wonder Girls – Best song of the year – WonderGirls said upon receiving the award, “We really don’t know how to express our thanks for giving us this big award. We will release even better music to thank our fans.

-Best female group

Big Bang – the Artiste of the year – Top expressed, “Compared to flowers which will wilt at unexpected times, I would prefer to be wild grass that can live a long life.” While GDragon said, “It’s a really meaningful thing to receive the Artiste of the Year award as a singer. We will work even harder in future to become even better singers.”

-Best male group

SHINee – the best Male newcomer award

Epik High – the Best Hip Hop Group

Lee Hyori – Dance Music and Best Female Artist
Other awards

Female newcomer award – Davichi
Best Ballad and R&B – Brown Eyes
OST award – Kim Jong Wook and SG Wannabe ‘East of Eden OST’
MKMF Special Award – Shin Seung Hoon
House and Electronic music – Jewelry
Rock Music Award – Nell
MKMF 10 anniversary commemorative award – Group H.O.T (Received by Moon Hee Jun)

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MKMF 2008

And the winner is…

but first to the performances, I need to stop screaming like a crazy fun and concentrete on wirting…

Girls got reloaded- Brown Eyed Girls + Jewelry + Jaurim

Brown Eyed Girls with How
Jewelry with One More Time
and Jaurim with Magic Carpet Ride.

Wonder Girls & 2PM with Nobody remix

Tango version of Nobody with 2PM, than 2PM danced and Nobody disco version.

Scandalous performence with Hyori and Big Bang

Look At Only Me Part 1 & 2, Lie, Haru Haru … love the love story between the boys and Hyori, and OMG I almost dyed when Top kissed her, he looked around first…

U Go Girl Remix, Look at me, GwiSoon!, 10 Minutes Remix…finaly the whole Big Bang…it`s getting better and better…

EpikHigh & Kim ChangHwan

love the end, they fetch the other artist, but only male, like Shinee, FTIsland, Bigbang and at hte end you can see Wonder Girls standing there alone…


The way you are starring Yoochun, Rising Sun starring Yunho, O-Jung.Ban.Hap starring Junsu, Purple line starring Jaejoong, and Hug starring Changmin (cuuuuteeeee) and the others join him in singing & Wrong number…with Jaejoong raping, still can`t get over the shock…

not enough DBSk, another performance this time Mirotic remix

2PM + U-kiss + Shinee + Mighty Mouth + MoonHeeJun + mixed perf

[0:35] 2PM — ‘U’ of Super Junior
[1:10] U-Kiss — 경고 ‘Warning’ of SS501
[1:50] Shinee — ‘Rising sun’ of DBSK
[2:22] 2AM — 거짓말 ‘Lie’ of g.o.d
[3:00] Mighty Mouth — ‘Brand new’ of Shinhwa
[3:40] MoonHeeJun — 전사의 후예 ‘Warrior Descendants’ of H.O.T
[5:26] MoonHeeJun & Jonghyun(shinee) & JoKwon(2AM) & Jaebum(2PM) & Eli(U-KIss) — 투지 ‘Fighting spirit’ of H.O.T + Shinee getting an award for The best male new artist 2008

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DBSK`s Wrong Number

Just a quick message…so…a new MV from DBSK is out, you have to watch it 🙂

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Fresh woman by Rain

This is Rains performance of his song Fresh Woman on his newest album, and he is wearing afro! Funny performance 🙂

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Untouchable feat Hwayobi It`s okay

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