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BOY´s MV “First love first hurt”

well not kpop or jpop, but still, I like it, it´s catchy… 🙂


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CSHJ MV “Here”

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Wonder Girls and “Nobody”

Wonder Girls released nwe MV “Nobody”!

It was really interesting. It has some old school and new school mixed in it. Their new style is in fact really interesting. The gloves and their outfits shines the most! Their new dance is of course really nice.

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Mirotic!!! from DBSK!!!

Teaser ONE:

Teaser TWO:

Teaser THREE:

And now the full video!!!

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TaeYeon performing U-Go-Girl on Family outing

SNSD´s TaeYeon transformed into Lee Hyori, doing the ‘U-Go-Girl’ dance on the latest episode of Family Outing.
She appeared on the show as the 3rd female host on this episode together with Lee Hyori and Park Ye Jin. When it comes to the ranking of the female participants on the show at the end of day, Park Ye Jin prepared rice, ramyun and seaweed to win over the votes of the other male hosts.
Right then, TaeYeon said, “I also prepared something” raising up a hand in objection. Hyori, who did not prepare anything that day, immediately grabbed TaeYeon’s arms and stopped her. Park Ye Jin also objected by saying, “You can’t do it.”
But with the urging from other male hosts, TaeYeon got a chance and got into her pose, the music started and she started to perform Hyori’s ‘U-Go-Girl’ dance.
Hyori’s response was, “What! That’s my song”. But she began to laugh and sing along to her own song.
TaeYeon’s dance won over the bunch of enthusiastic male hosts but did not managed to overtake Park Ye Jin’s charm over the male hosts on the show, and she got ranked 2nd at the end of the day. While Hyori was inevitably ranked 3rd on this episode.

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I feel pretty when I hear SHINee sing ‘Noona is very pretty’.-Hyori

During one of the interviews, BoA talked about the plans on her advance into the American market, her close relationship with Lee Soo Man and how she feel pretty when she listen to SHINee’s ‘Noona is so pretty’.

‘Asia’s Star’ BoA is set to advance the American market.

BoA was on KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’ on 20th September doing an interview together with Lee Soo Man after her press conference. BoA said, “Lee Soo Man seonsaengnim (teacher) is like a friend to me, and he taught me a lot. Lately I tend to call him by ‘Sam’ in the slip of my tongue.”

She also added, “Recently I’ve also been feeling a greater sense of seniority in age in front of the juniors. I feel pretty when I hear SHINee sing ‘Noona is very pretty’.”

“I still prefer being called ‘cute’ as compared to ’sexy’. And I like working with Lee Soo Man.”

And regarding her advance into the American market, BoA said, “The day I advance into the American market will be the big day for me. It is the day I spent the past 2-3 years preparing for. The title song ‘Eat You Up’ was made especially for me. And when I am filming for the MV or recording, I don’t feel tired at all.”

Lee Soo Man also spoke up, “There has been a lot of interests and concern since BoA is regarded by many as Asia’ top star. But what’s important is that BoA is taking this step out and embarking on this special quest.”

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The most lovable Magnae in an idol group

Once Again Arirang TV held yet another netizen poll among well known Korean Idols for fans to vote for. The Topic this time around is the most lovable Magnae in an idol group. The voting actually started back during the summer.

The Winners:
7. The Super Charmer of Battle…Chris [Battle]” (18)

6. “Unpolluted by fame and popularity…Taemin [SHINee]“ (15)

5. “Korea’s sweetheart of Kpop…SoHee [Wonder Girls](16)

4. Baby Hyung Joon [SS501](21)

3. ”Cute and multitalented…Seungri [Big Bang]” (17) – Me and Seungri have the same birthday even year is the same! Luv all that were born on 12.December 1990

2. Innocent Youth Changmin [DBSK] (20)

1.“Natural talent, Naturally sweet…KyuHyun [SUJU]”(20)

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Super Junior M´s new MV “Me”

it´s so refreshing and cute…and all the members sing a part here…

Heechul and ZhouMi:

Thi is Heechuls entry on his cyworld:

Ah, Zhou Mi is one among my group of cute buddies

Although I’m unsure of how numerous fans see (him) in what kind of light

But to me, before ‘Super Junior M’ made their debut, he was a cute dongsaeng

Tracing back in time to the summer of 2006..

I was in the hospital recuperating because of my car accident

Apart from Yang Ban Kim (Noble Gold–Kibum), Hankyung who came everyday keeping me busy and making noise..!!

One day, Hankyung brought Zhou Mi along

Kyung: (Came to) Say hi~ This is Zhou Mi who just came~

(In ‘Hankyung terms’~)

Zhou Mi : Annyeonghaseyo. I am Zhou Mi*

(Annyeonghaseyo. I am Zhou Mi)

*He wrote as Chyo Mi

Me (Heechul): Marinate sauce**….(-┏)

** 조미료 (Jo Mi Ryo) is a homonym for marinate sauce/condiment/flavouring/seasoning

Yang Ban Kim : Pfft..

Kyung : Puhahahahahahahahahahahaha

Me : ㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑ (Kya)

Zhou Mi : ^-^?

To everyone who’d see this (would think) I’m making it difficult for Zhou Mi on our first meeting

When I got discharged, I couldn’t even walk and making food for myself was very difficult..

The gentleman who was called Marinate sauce came to my side using rusty Korean

Zhou Mi : Hyung.. Are you okay?

(Hyung..Are you okay?)

Me : Oh Marinate sauce~ Don’t bother about me, you go out and play on your own~ㅋㅋ

Zhou Mi : No^-^ Han Geung Hyung said to let me help you^-^

(No^-^ Hankyung Hyung said to let me help you^-^)

Just like that, he helped me with this and that (+_+)

After I finished eating, he brought me my crutches

When I was about to sleep, he covered me with my blanket

He supported me to the restroom, seemingly afraid that I’d fall so he often gave me support

He switched on the TV, helped me to change the channel, helped me to switch on the air-conditioning He did everything for me

Almost like my step-mother (-┏)

Ah.. Sad and emotional tears are gonna come out, getting immersed in past memories..(유_유)

Because he is very tall but he’s a very kind and cute buddy. Hu~

A funny fella who’d stay silent about his own height when I talk about friends who are about the same height_ . Hu~

A fella just like a white pigeon who’d come to find me first when he reaches Korea. Hu~

This time, after the Shanghai concert, “Marinate sauce! Hyung’s leaving~” I said to him

This fella with a gentleman’s heart.. (His) Eyes went watery. Hu~

No matter what

The period where I couldn’t move at all, the one who became my arms and legs Marinate sauce(+_+)

OMG! Heechul and ZhouMi are so cute! Have to look for videos with ZhouMi…

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BoA will eat up into America!

Both teaser for BoAs debut in America, I wish her luck, like Se7en.

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SMTown Live 2008 In Shanghai

The greatest concert, well aren´t all of SMTown concerts like that? Here are some pics…

Videos – fancam:

DBSK performed songs like Hug, O.Jung.Ban.Hap, Rising Sun, Purple Line, You´re My Miracle, Love In The Ice,

Ballons – Changmin knees Yoochun in the stomach and then punches him in the face XD.  Cute performance! (at 2:50)

Jaejoongs and Linas duet, HyukSu with One love,

Rap Battle (between Micky Yoochun, Shindong, Hae, and Key),

Junsu dance battle ( “Picture Perfect” by Chris Brown):

Yunho dance battle

Mics to Yunho, Kyu collects everyone´s mic and hands them all to Yunho

Show me your love or rather to say show your love to Suju and DBSK boys! Kyuhyun empties a bottle of water on Yunho’s head 😀 And Kangin-Yunho!  Changmin backing away from people carrying water bottles!  YOOCHUN-YESUNG!  YUNHAE!  Someone pulling up Donghae’s shirt!


Hankyung dance battle:

Just for one day with CSHJ, Man in love.

Love Should Go On and Run It, and Key in Rap Battle.

Dana and Sunday’s solo performances, them performing ‘Too Good’ and ‘Just For One Day’ with Kyuhyun.
Just for one day with Kyuhyun,

Stephanies dance battle

and Boomerang remix.


Red Sun:

well…great performances, aren´t you exited? When will be next one?

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