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Jiang Ying Rong´s “Seize Your Beauty” MV

Everything everything everything-eh eh eh…

Jiang Ying Rong, is a chinese singer…don´t know more about her, but i found this MV for “Seize your beuty”. It´s not something I would go fancrazy over, but it´s worth watching. The song is kind of catchy, and the moves while she does the part with everything are just interesting.

credits to cfensiMVsubs


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Kara goes this time for “Lupin” and “exit butt dance”

Kara, five member girl group, known for their cute “Rock U”, sweet “Honey”, dance butt “Mister” and now “exit butt dance” for “Lupin”. (Not sure if it called like that, read it somewhere…probably allkpop, there is everything there)

“Lupin” is a change of style, Seungyeon cut her hair short (still looks good), Nicole cut it shorter again (going for more boyish hair…looks good on her) and Gyuri changing from short to long? the short hair is a wig definetelly, you can tell it´s not her hair. I prefer Gyuri with long hair, she doesn´t give out this goddes aura with short hair. 🙂

credits to goldangel45

The girls didn´t abandon their cute image fully, on stage their perform “lupin” and “Umbrella”. “Umbrella” is a sweet song…listen to it.

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T-ara:”I go crazy about you”….who?

T-ara is not into some guy….no worries male fans…the girls of T-ara are done with promoting their hit “Bo beep bo beep” with those adorable (I love them) fury pawns and they are back with some really cool and dark concept. The cuties turned into sexy girls with their new MV for “I go crazy about you”.

credits to kpopsubs

On top of all it, Hyomin looks great with sunglasses and it is surprising that this idol talked about her past relationship. Kim Shin Young, as sly as she is (I really like her, she is so funny and cute) asked Sunhwa of Secret about her ex-boyfriend. Sunhwa walking away from Shin Young made her look for another victim and it was Hyomin. Hyomin said she dated her last boyfriend for two years. Want to know more…watch G7.

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Quality over Quantity?

Hi! This post is just about asking you few questions! So please do answer them.

What is your favorite korean, japanese, chinese or from other countries band and why? Does it have with their quality or quantity? Or do you think your favorite group/band has both?

Not so shocking are groups that have more than 5 members, 6, 9, 13 or even more 48 (AKB48 a japanese girl group)!!!

When I saw all Morning Musume together i though there is a lot of them, because there are 9 members in this years configuration of group (I counted it there are 17 former members). Iˇm not really a big fan of theirs, hardly called a fan, but I know some of their songs, like I heard them. But they aren´t really my style. I´m sorry for that!

I know there are 9 members in SNSD (looking for a fan? right here!) and in Super Junior 13! But 48? That´s too much, and their songs aren´t really to my liking. But who am I to judge.

Anyway want to know what you think about this…please comment!

I found out about AKB48 through their new drama…watched till now 5 Episodes, wish I knew japanese so I wouln´t have to wait for subs! 😦

Thanks for reading….

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news about NEWS

News about NEWS, not really…just found some solo PV´s…so I wanted to share them with you…

let´s start with Yampi and his “Mola”:

…should I say just my style?

Keeichiro Koyama and his “Love addiction”


Tegoshi Yuya and “Ai nante”


Ryo Nishikido and “Code”

….rock feeling?

All credits to uckermaria and to NEWShFAN

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KAT-TUN obsessesion

KAT-TUN, japanese boy group, consisting of 6 members, that already stole the hearts of many fans.

Here is their PV for “D-Motion”, have to love it…

credits to carries2008

I totaly love their voices there, Koki´s sounds really low, and what did Junno do to his hair? want to see him without glasses…it looks good…what to say? Those days I´m obsessed with them…where can I finde “Bandage” the movie with Akanishi Jin? frustrating…


I just watched “Anega” starring Akanishi Jin as a young worker, who falls in love with an older woman, why does it end like that? I want season 2! 😀

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SNSD….copied/copies…huh?! Wonder Girls? Russian singer?

SNSD is know for beeing a 9 member girl group, named Girls Generation too, and for beeing a popular girl group in Korea and some other countries around the world. There were many casses when SNSD was copied by other artists, like Idol Girls from Taiwan (see old post). Can be that SNSD copies too?

I found on one of the many blogs there are a video uploaded of Wonder Girls, who perfomed their song “This fool” and this song was released before “Gee”. So did SNSD copy WG´s dance moves?

Here is the video…watch out for 1:05, when the girls do a dance similar to the crab dance in “Gee”:

credits for video: akuseru112

credits for the copying case:

Is it even copied? I don´t think so, some dance moves do look alike, but i don´t  think this one was copied…talking about copying…did you see the “Mirotic” rap part dance? Watch 1:01, with their arms folded and moving slightly to the sides? Can´t see….get your imagination work!

SNSD copied again! Russian singer Dineyra copied SNSD´s “Tell me your wish Genie”. SM statted that Genie is an orriginal song, and that the demo was leaked and copied by the singer. Too much alike to not be true…

credits to: ZuhRaBegiM

On top of that the newest SNSD song “Oh!” that they are promoting now, is a copy of Rihanna´s “Shut up and drive”. Netizens found some similarity….up to you to judge!

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Hi! Check out my 2nd blog here on wordpress: . Blog about random talk about random things.

🙂 Leave a comment when you visit please and thank you for all your comments.

Visit again, your bloger ciagirl.

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Girl´s Generation goes “Oh!”

Girl´s Generation started of year 2010 with a release of their album.

They are busi promoting their songs “Oh” in chearleader uniforms and “Show, show, show” with curly(???) hair.

Here is the MV for “OH”:

credits to lailaibaybee

In the end you can see girls in black outfits…a teaser for the folowing MV! Can´t wait for it…hearts SNSD

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