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T-ara:”I go crazy about you”….who?

T-ara is not into some guy….no worries male fans…the girls of T-ara are done with promoting their hit “Bo beep bo beep” with those adorable (I love them) fury pawns and they are back with some really cool and dark concept. The cuties turned into sexy girls with their new MV for “I go crazy about you”.

credits to kpopsubs

On top of all it, Hyomin looks great with sunglasses and it is surprising that this idol talked about her past relationship. Kim Shin Young, as sly as she is (I really like her, she is so funny and cute) asked Sunhwa of Secret about her ex-boyfriend. Sunhwa walking away from Shin Young made her look for another victim and it was Hyomin. Hyomin said she dated her last boyfriend for two years. Want to know more…watch G7.


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T-ara time!

T- ara is after their debut single  “Lie” back with a lot of what to watch, I´m talking about their 3 MV´s.

Bo Peep Bo Peep – dance version:

credit to UrAsianSource

Bo Peep Bo Peep – sexy version (is it really called like that?):

credit to UrAsianSource

Like the beginning:

credit to UrAsianSource


What do you think? Is it good or bad? Did they improve or not?

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Supernova is back!

The 6 member boy group Supernova is back. If you don´t remember them here is their MV for “Superstar”:

credits to lakartiae

Now they are back and they got together with T-ara and formed a project group with song called “Time to Love”. From T-ara are there Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon and from Supernova Jihyuk, Kwangsu and Gunil.

That´s not all…it seems that Supernova is finally coming back and in full count, they released a MV for their Japanese song “Kimidake wo zutto”, what is in english “only you always”…watch it here:

credits to menapha

Another news surfaced…Supernova wants to be like DBSK…seems like DBSK are idols for idols?…well that´s how it is…Supernova is looking up to DBSK, they want to become famous in Japan just like DBSK, to get number 1 on Oricon Charts and to hold a concert at TokyoDome…wish them luck!

Tell me your wish, I´m a genie for your wish…. 🙂

What do you think? Should they get a genie, or can they get hold of their dream on their own?

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T-Ara: “Lies”

Finaly T-Ara´s MV is out, I was curious about their music style…not really mine, but oh well…what do you say to it?

credits to ririnamon

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