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HKT a vietnamese band…superjunior version?

HKT a vietnamese band….nothing more…of course there is more to them, but oh well…..Iˇm not good at searchingnet for information, or there is very little information about them.

I just somehow got to this video of their song called “Vu dieu” (don´t know what that means) and what i read next to it before i even could push the start button was interesting. Knowing that someone gets angry if he findes out someone was copied…makes me happy… 🙂

HKT are copycats of SuperJunior? SuperJuniors well known song “Rokkugo” was copied by them, different video for sure, and language, and band, but the music. I couldn´t finde that track with eng subs, so don´t know about the lyrics…

just watch it…

credit to SooMiLee


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Trax makes their comeback!

Trax is back! Jungmo and Jay keep Trax alive. There are no news about Jungwoo.

Trax released a mini album with 6 tracks, featuring Shinee´s Key, Wheesung and more.

Now for the best…what do you get if you put together, Jungmo´s guitar skills, Jays vocals, SuperJunior´s Heechul acting and looks, and f(x)´s Victorias acting and beuty…..the answer is…..”Let you go”.

Watch it here:

credits to 4minniemink

Love to see Trax back, and love to see Heechul to get some spotlight, the same for Victoria.

At around 2:25…when a tear falls onto their picture, I started to cry and shout “get back together! don´t cry!”.

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Okay, this is not about news on kpop…not really…I just read some articles about Jaebeom the leader of 2pm (till he doesn´t say he official leaves the group he is the leader, no changes in that) about a presscoference by JYP, that he should go to Hollywood and be another cast for Hype Nation, the dance movie. Son DamBi and Boa were also cast for this movie, but it went down, and at the end none of those ladies is acting in it. But if I could see Jaebeom in a movie at least it would be great. He is a great dancer…b-boy….but he is a great singer and entertainer too. So he should be given a second change.

It feels to me like I´m blabbering nonsence here, but if you are a fan you get what I want to say and that is. We want Jaebeom back!!! 🙂

2pm should be 2pm, not 1:59 with 6 members only, even if they are doing well with Heartbeat and Tired of waiting. And Nickhun will film a drama (or is it a movie…not sure). Taecyeon will continue on beeing a MC with Wooyoung and he will be a permanent member of Family Outing Season 2! Chansung is featured in 2am´s upcoming album…..that´s 4…3more to go…well 2, because we are still waiting for Jaebeom.

Fans should be told the truth….it´s the end of world, when Jay left 2pm and is not coming back yet, with DBSK rumors of disbanding, not talking about all those troubles with SM, that even Super Junior has.It would be a lot easier for us “fans” if they told us the truth. Right? What do you think?

Keep the faith….and don´t forget to support your idol! 🙂

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ZE:A starts the year with debut and “Mazeltov”

Ze:A a new boygroup debuts. Ze:A known as Child of Empire (or is it Children of Empire?)

This group consists of 9 members all boys. I can already hear fangirls screaming. And there is a new thing I need to learn…names…I didn´t finde much info about the members. So in short…

Something more about them…

Hwang Kang Hee is good in expression mimick, next Jo Kwon? Have to see to believe that…

Jung Heechul is good in acting and musicals (I would totaly love if he had an attitude like Heechul from SUJU)

Moon Jun Young is the leader and Micky Yoochun look alike…you can´t tell if you look at the picture above, it´s totaly visible on his jacket photo if you don´t believe, their faces are similiar…

Si wan is the fashionista

Kim Dong Jun is the maknae.


That´s all….now their MV for Mazeltov…

credits to UrAsianSourceTV

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HyunA going solo with “Change”

4minute´s HyunA has released her music video for her solo track “Change”

New even sexier look and her amazing dance abilities are shown in this MV.

Have to wait for Music Bank where she will perform her solo for the first time. Can´t wait.

Seems like there is another gone-solo-member of girlgroup that makes it big. But don´t worry HyunA is still with 4minute. Jiyoon will folow her shortly.

Here is the MV for “Change” featuring Junhyung of Beast (I must say this look suits him well) …I feel there will be a big hit… 😀

credits to: TwirlyBox

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Happy new year!!!

Happy new year! ein gutes neues Jahr! akemashite omedeto! seh heh bok mani bat uh seyo! xin nian kuai le!

(Stastny novy rok!)


Almost an half hour late, but still! Exactly 22 minutes… 😀

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