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2PM´s “Heartbeat”

2PM is back….or should i say 1:59….unfortunately they are back as 6 member group, they are working hard even though they are missing their leader Jaebum…but maybe not for too long….there is still hope!

Here is their MV for Heartbeat:

credit to UrAsianSource

What do you think? Can they catch your heart even if they are only 6 members?

Their looks are quite funny, the fact that they all have darker hair, you have to love the little palm on their heads 😀


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The one and only leader of 2pm, well right now not anymore. Jaebeom has left 2pm, because of the scandal that broke out few days ago. Jaebeom should have been on a show called “Nodaji”, a show about korean kulture, where he was replaced by Jokwon of 2am. The scandal started with old post on myspace from Jaebeom, where he critized the proud Koreans. He must have felt lonely after he came to Korea, and people weren´t really friendly to him, so he wrote some bad words about Korea. As a really good person, he admittet his wrong doing and apologized, here is his apology, that was posted on his myspace:

“Hello, I’m 2PM’s Jaebeom.

I’m sorry for giving you my last greeting through this letter.
I think it will be hard for me to see you all on stage because of my sorry heart.

I’m really sorry to everyone, and I’m even more sorry to the fans who have shown me love.
From today, I will leave 2PM.

2PM boys, I’m really sorry to the boys and I’m sorry I couldn’t be strong as a leader and a hyung and have to leave like this.
However, I hope you will be more cool and charming.

Again, I’m sorry.


First…yes he did a mistake by saying bad things about Koreans, when he didn´t know them yet fully….it´s called having PREJUDICE!!!

Second…he apologized, that is a good way to say he is sorry and didn´t mean (maybe he did mean them that time) what he said before

Third…he is a leader of 2pm, the beasty group, he is a part of 2pm´s Wild Bunny, he is trying to be a good leader for 2pm and a good hyung and not forgetting he is a GREAT singer. He got talent and I´m not an obsessed fan with him, so I don´t lie.

Fourt…but I´m not Korean, but I DO think, that everyone can make mistakes…first thing about if you did a mistake if no, than congrats you have to think harder! No one is perfect, starting from me, you and Jaebeom.

Well Jaebeom, has already left Korea and went back to America, leaving 2pm for the sake of the group. T-T

Rumors are spreading fast….will JYP put another guy in, to replace Jaebeom or will the group go on with 6 members. There is a rumor that Junho will be the new leader. But those are only maybes…let´s wait for more news about this.

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NEW Boy´s Generation!

Boy´s Generation is back! And this time they changed their members…now a 5 member group…

from SHINee the cute Taemin and Key,

from 2PM the funny Wooyoung and Taecyeon,

and MC Mong.

Those 5 idols stars (can´t say that MC Mong is an idol, can I? I like him, but oh well he isn´t the youngest and sure not an idol) “Tell me your wish Genie”.

Just one word CUTE!

credits to Kpopfied

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