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Shinee is doing a remake

FTTS`s song Like a man sang by Onew and Jonghyun.

But not only did they do a remake of FTTS`s song but Shinee has Michael Jackson style. They performed JAckson`s Billy Jean, but they start with Step by Step, one of their`s song. No need to stay that their clothetsand hairstyles are great! Love Taemins hair! 🙂


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Wheesung is back!

Teaser 1:October 21st

Teaser 2: October 26th

Waiting patiently for Wheesung`s mini album “With all my heart and soul”, not only that because Wheesung will be releasing “Real Slow”.
The bgi surprise is that Lee Hyori will be futured in one of his MVs.

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Remember Big Bang

New Album and a new teaser fo it…which will be released on November 5th, 2008.

The title song for this album is called “Red Sunset,” and is a remake of veteran singer Lee Moon Sae`s hit song.

YG Entertainment stated:

“There has been numerous remakes of this popular song by Lee Moon Sae, however Big Bang will take a completely different approach at remaking this song.”

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Top Combine a new chinese Boyband

Top Combine is the newest attempt by a Korean company to break into the Chinese market. It boasts of the “Top Combination” of both Korean and Chinese artists.  Top Combine officially debuted in October of 2008 with a mix of Korean and Chinese member. Its first MV “Arrival”, was received with positive reviews and gained quick popularity due to its Super Boy backgrounds.

So of course my interest was piqued, and I had to check them out for myself.  But aren`t they a bit too much trying to copy Kpop bands as DBSK, there is a similarity. It can be because it is a mixed group of chinese and korean and the group is under a korean company and a chinese one too. But it is just their 1st single, maybe in future they will grow and become famous.

To the Top Combine…

the members were found in Super Boy competition 2007 with the korean member, yes only one.

Zhang Yuan -leader and main vocal

9th place in 2007 Super Boy Competition
Birthday: June 2, 1985
Birthplace: Chuzhou, Anhui
Nickname: Piglet
English Name: Bird
Height/Weight: 181cm/60kg
Blood Type: O

Li Mao

Top 3 in Nanjing Region – 2007 Super Boy Competition
Participated in many, many competitions
Birthday: June 2, 1986
Birthplace: Hefei, Anhui
Nickname: Mao Mao
English Name: Ceasar
Height/Weight: 183cm/68kg
Blood Type: O

Ma Xueyang

Top 10 in Chengdu Region – 2007 Super Boy Competition
Birthday: Sept 30, 1986
Birthplace: Chengdu, Sichuan
Nickname: Dao Dao (Knife)
English Name: Mars
Height/Weight: 180cm/62kg
Blood Type: O

Liu Zhoucheng

Top 10 in Guangzhou Region – 2007 Super Boy
Birthday: Feb 28, 1988
Birthplace: ???
Nickname: Liu Xiaomei (Little Pretty Liu)
English Name: Kenny
Height/Weight: 177cm/55kg
Blood Type: O

Kim Eunsung

The mysterious Korean member
Birthday: Sept 17, 1988
Birthplace: Korea
Nickname: N/A
English Name: none at the moment
Height/Weight: 180cm/60kg
Blood Type: O

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Band of Brothers

This is the first episode, they remake the Beatles, who is who?

Heechul – Ringo Starr
Kangin – Paul McCartney
Jay – John Lennon
Jungmo – George Harrison

It`s funny, Heechul and Kangin are the one who talk almost always, I like Jay`s voice, he`s english is really good and Jungmo likes to laugh at Kangins and Heechuls jokes. Those two are really a good comic duo.

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TVXQ`s first kiss

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Clazziquai`s Flea

after a pause, they are back, Clazziquai… 🙂

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BoA slowly to the top

After officiall release her debut single online in the US, Korean pop princes Boa, 21, is slowly geting to the top. Her debut single Eat you up came in third in the Top Songs category on music Web site iTunes. And also ranked number 10 on Amazons Hot New Release in mp3 downloads.

SM Entertainment, the singer’s agency, announced that U.S. Internet users posted comments on various Web sites regarding the singer’s debut, some saying that they thought the songs were fantastic, while others mentioning that the lyrics, beat and Boa’s voice were all perfect.

“Eat You Up” was released here Wednesday through popular music Web sites like Melon and cyworld and in Japan through The song will also be released in some 30 countries through more than 300 Web sites soon.

U.S. magazine Variety’s Asian Web site also carried an article regarding the Korean singer’s plans to enter the U.S. market, saying that it “might prove that the `Korean Wave’ is not finished”.

Boa will attempt to break into the U.S. live performance market next month through an American and world concert tour, according to SM Entertainment.

Her first all English album will be released in the United States early next year.
Boa is familiar with breaking into overseas music markets. After debuting in Korea, she soon left to break into the Japanese music market, winning broad popularity. He sixth album, titled “The Face” topped the Japanese Oricon chart’s album of the week in March. With that feat, she marked the sixth time that her album was voted No. 1 on the weekly album chart.

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Kim Jong Kooks Today more than yesterday MV

sweet…I love the scene in bus, where the little boy plays violin and he listen to his mp3 and sings…

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BoA in attention of Variety magazine

With her American debut in just less than a day’s time, BoA has been even more the attention of the local media.

BoA will be releasing her first single ‘Eat You Up’ on 21st October. And she has been reported in a famous entertainment magazine Variety.

It was reported in Variety, BoA was introduced as ‘one of Asia’s biggest female singers’, gave details about her American debut.

Original Article:
HONG KONG – BoA, one of Asia’s biggest female singers, will release an English-language single in the U.S. on Oct 21, with an all-English album to follow on Nov. 11, which might prove that the “Korean Wave” is not finished.
Her management company SM Entertainment has set up a U.S. subsidiary to facilitate the launches. Universal’s Fontana will distribute.

The hip-hop- and R&B-influenced BoA, real name Boa Kwon, has had a massive career that extended from her native Korea to Japan and Chinese-speaking territories, in large measure to versatility and her linguistic skills. She has recorded in Korean, Japanese and English, has several million-selling albums under her belt and six that have topped the Oricon charts in Japan.

“The entire album is in English, for the mainstream U.S. market, not Korean-Americans or Asian-Americans. It is all new,” said Peter Rho, senior associate at Dreier Stein Kahan Browne Woods George, attorneys representing SM Entertainment.

Rho said they are exploring a U.S. and world tour.

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