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Chung Lim: “Suga Point”

Chung Lim released, after a while, a new MV for “Suga Point”. I give him 10 out of 10 points! If you weren´t a fan till now and you are crazy about handsome cute boys with dimples you should considerate being a fan of Chung Lim.

Here is the MV featuring Joo Ah Min (MC. Mong´s girlfriend):

credits to Mardi09

I read in her info about the MV, that he is in Flower Fighters Five (FF5) in the new drama “Dream” starring Joo Jin Mo, Son Dam Bi (It´s DamBi era! Yay!) and Kim Bum (the ex-F4 boy, he will be forever a flower boy even though Boys over flowers ended). I watched 1st episode, and it´s interesting. But I didn´t see him yet T.T… I have to wait patiently for someone to upload the 2nd episode with subs. Someone make the time pass faster! Please! And thank you beforehand! 🙂


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FT Island: “I hope”

A new MV from FT  Island with time travel, they go back in time and make a Hit of their song! Great!

credits to kpopsubs

What to say… Hongki has orange hair, JaeJin is dork…and my cute Minhwan is gone T.T…

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DNT is back with new sound

They are back? I didn´t heard of them before… they were a ballad/dance group, no wonder why I didn´t heard of them (I don´t listen to ballads much).

Some info about them…


DNT…stands for Dragon N Tiger, it´s a four member group and they are from Orange Entertainment (cool name 🙂 ).

But now they are back and they changed their style…here is the new MV “Crazily Pretty”, check it out:

credits to kpopsubs

I must say I love their new style, the song is catchy, the dance moves are good and I think I fell in love with orange hair. 🙂

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KARA is back with “Wanna” MV

Our cute and lovely girl group Kara is back! They are still cute. 🙂

credits to kpopsubs

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T-Ara: “Lies”

Finaly T-Ara´s MV is out, I was curious about their music style…not really mine, but oh well…what do you say to it?

credits to ririnamon

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“Hi-Five” Xing

credtis to MolodyOfSoul

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2NE1: “I don´t care”

It has been time that this song was released, 2NE1 already won some awards, like SBS Inkigayo Mutizen, KBS 2tv Music Bank – this trophy was broken by the clumsy Dara 😛

credits to marienor

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Gara Gara Go! from BigBang

BigBang rocks tonight… MV for their japenese single “Gara Gara Go” was released…

here is the MV:

credit to xshoshana24

I whish them luck in Japan…they have to work hard to achieve, what DBSK/TVXQ did.

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