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Honey Boys- Sweet

Excellent Entertainment (1st time hearing of it) has made a statement, their new boy group Honey Boys, will dominate the K-Pop scene in 2009.
Honey Boys consits of two members:
Si Woo (시우)
Position: Rapper
Real Name: Kang Byeong Soo (강병수)
Born: February 18, 1984

Sinnan (신난)
Position: Vocalist
Real Name: Lee Chang Min (이창민)
Born: October 18, 1985


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BigBang as Boys over flowers

Big Bang’s ‘Hana Yori Dango’ parody has been revealed.

Following the recent craze over the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which is still airing on KBS 2TV, the full parody is also revealed during Big Bang’s ‘Global Warning Concert’.
The cast:
GDragon: Rui Hanazawa
TOP: Tsukasa Domyoji
DaeSung: Tsukushi Makino
SeungRi: Akira Mimasaka
TaeYang: Sojirou Nishikado

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Gee MV out

SNSD´s MV for Gee is finaly out! The story i about SNSD as maniquins coming to live after the lights have been turned off. The MV features an aperaence of SHINee´s Minho.

SNSD uses “Gee” as an expression similar to “Omona” when a girl is in love.

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KBS bans Seungri

In Korea is getting popular to change the lyrics after milions of people heard it already…problems with getting banned didn´t have only DBSK with “Mirotic” or Rain with “Rainism”. This time it´s Seungri´s solo “Strong Baby”

KBS banned SeungRi from performing “Strong Baby” on their music show because they think the word “crack” used in his song was inappropriate, because it was relevant to drugs, they suggest YG change the word or else SeungRi won’t be able to perform it on their shows…

They defined “crack” as in “break it”, or “go gold(?)”, which they find very inappropriate, because it influences the use of drugs. However, YG has stated that the song has no intention of influencing drugs in anyway, from the start when they started promoting the song. KBS is asking them to review the song before performing again.

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Who is Sumeday?

Filling the void and bringing new energy to the Korean R&B world is ‘Someday’, a male 4 member band.

Formed in 2007 and at the same time signing an exclusive contract with South Korea’s Doremi Media, they churned out ‘Can I Love Again’ and ‘Confession’ among other hit tracks as part of popular group ‘4MEN.’ As ‘4MEN,’ the members Jung Se Young and Han Hyun Hee debuted in 2005 with the album, ‘The Immortality Of Soul’ and were recognized for their musical talent and became well-known in the Korean R&B scene and now they’ve formed a new team as ‘Someday.’

Beginning 2009, popular drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ will broadcast, already widely popular in Taiwan and Japan with a multitude of fans and now seeing an explosive interest from netizens with it’s Korean version.

This time ‘Someday’ will participate in it’s soundtrack and sing “Do You Know?(Boys Over Flowers Version)” as F4’s ballad theme track which will be used as background music in the drama.

Also, ‘Someday’ plans to release their first album this February which will feature Brown Eyed Girls member, Jea.

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Yunho is generous

On the 2nd of January, Yunho along with his parents went back to his school where he graduated from five years ago. He had actually paid scholarship for six of the student, about ₩ 6,000,000.
TVXQsoul reported:

“Alumni TVXQ leader Yunho with his parents visited his alma mater Kwangil High School, 5 years after graduating last February 2004 when he was 19.

Yunho paid for the scholarships of 6 junior students and met with the principal and his previous teachers. He also had an autograph signing session and gave an inspirational speech for the success of the dreams of the students through having passion and then had a picture taken with some of his fans.”


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SNSD´s Gee

So Nyeo Shi Dae’s upcoming mini album ‘Gee’ title song has been released.

The song ‘Gee’ is a dance song about the cute situation of a girl who falls out of love. 5 songs will be included in the minialbum, including a new version of ‘Haptic Motion’ with new lyrics, ‘Let’s talk about LOVE’, ‘Dear Mom’ and ‘Destiny’.

The music video for “Gee,” should be released on January 7th, 2009 and their first live performances are scheduled for:
*KBS Music Bank – January 9th, 2009
*MBC Music Core – January 10th, 2009
*SBS Inki Gayo – January 11th, 2009

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Junjin and Sondambi

Check out their joint performance, as well as Junjin’s performance of Michael Jackson’sDangerous,” and Son Dambi’s performance of her single, “Crazy.”

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Wonder Bang is back!

Wew had to wait long enough, but it was worth it. Big Bang and Wonder Girls performed their songs combined into pairs. Taeyang and Sunye performed Irony, Seungri and Yoobin performed Lies, G-Dragon and Sohee performed Tell me, Daesung and Ye Eun performed Day by Day and as last Top and Sunmi performed Nobody.

But that is not all… BigBang performed So Hot and than both groups together  Last Farewell.

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