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Happy birthday to Se7en!!!

Happy birthday!

On 9th. November is Se7en`s birthday, well In Seoul is it already the 9th. and who knows if he is there or in Amerika. I keep waiting for his official debut in USA so I can listen to his songs in english 24/7, and I mean it. I wish him luck and will be hwaiting for his success in USA, because even if he is great he has to work hard.

It is a bit sad that I don`t hear about him as much as about Boa. 😦

Well….there is only two words that I wanted to say from the start… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Se7en 🙂


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Se7en – Them girls / US song

From one delay to another, Korean Idol Se7en finally released his first US Debut Single, Them Girls.
The entire single has recently been leaked and so far it did not receive much flattery. Fans seem to be disappointed since the music style is not the typical Se7en style they were used to and despite his good pronunciation, the lyrics did not make much sense.
It makes fans wonder if this is all Se7en has up his sleeves.

He plans0 to release his album in December. Looking forward to it…

I think there is something missing something Se7enish??? It is different from his usual style, but not all song became hits right? I think his best hit will come…for sure… and hurray I finaly understand withou subs what is he singing! Don` t understand korean… 😦

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Se7en now in U.S.

I don´t know it is a good news for Asia-fans, but for a non-asia, like me it´s the greatest news ever! Ok, I love Se7en, but now I will fully understand what he says and what about he sings…no more looking for translation! till I learn korean…thanks that my english isn´t as bad…Se7en english is really good… 🙂

So hwaiting! Show those amerikans what you got!

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