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Colors ~Melody and Harmony~

“Colors ~Melody and Harmony~” is a song by Jaejoong and Yoochun from DBSK for Hello Kitty. The two singers combined well their voices, the sound is really nice (and I´m not the type that listens to slow songs).

Here is the PV to the song:

credits to ZuteGach


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Well everyone probably heard about the problem between SMEntertainment and DBSK. Because only 3 members are fighting against SM, there are rumors spreading, that DBSK will disband. If it is true or not, we have to wait, let´s just pray the won´t. It would be really sad…but it seems that SM is trying to do their best at pleasing DBSK fans, after the problems started the SMTown Summer 09 album was released, than they released a MV for DBSK´s song “Are you a good girl?” What I really wanted to see, because I like the song, but..but…I wanted a MV not only some random cuts from their performances made into a MV…well it is nice, because DBSK is in it!

Watch it here…

credits to farahmicky8

And that is not all…you can´t get enough of them can you?

DBSK´s MV for “Picture of you”, it´s better this time, the song is very nice and the Mv too…

credits to TVXQnights4misc

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DBSK with “12:34” or “Nothing Better”

credits to twilightprincess015

nothing better, it wants me to think that there is nothing better than DBSK, but than I could say the same about Super Junior, Shinee, SNSD, BigBang…..too many to write down all

One thing disapointed me, I wanted them to go for more upbeat song, but it´s  very sweat, I love their voices… hearts

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SM Town Summer Album

SMTown´s summer album “09 Summer SMTown” will be released on 14th August.

After 2 years SMTown releases summer album…DBSK, SuperJunior and SHINee has worked together on this one. They released the title song “Seaside”.

Other songs from the album will be ‘12.34′, a song with medium tempo, by Dong Bang Shin Ki, ‘Carnival’ by Super Junior first revealed during their Super Show II concert. Ann also powerful dance song ‘Scar’ by SHINee.

credits to dirah9302

The title song was released as first, but you don´t need to wait too long for the rest. The album has 4 songs, the 2nd one “Scar” by SHINee will be released on 12th August, than on 13th August “Carnival” by Super Junior and teh last on 14th August “12.34” by DBSK.

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TVXQ will guest star on the Japanese television show SMAPxSMAP. A popular show which is hosted by one of Japan´s biggest boyband´s SMAP.

SMAP is one of Japan´s most popular and longest running idol band, thez debuted in 1991 (omg! i was 1 year old!).

A chance to compet against KAT-TUN, both groups will release on March 11th a new single. With their single named “Survivor”.

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Yunho is generous

On the 2nd of January, Yunho along with his parents went back to his school where he graduated from five years ago. He had actually paid scholarship for six of the student, about ₩ 6,000,000.
TVXQsoul reported:

“Alumni TVXQ leader Yunho with his parents visited his alma mater Kwangil High School, 5 years after graduating last February 2004 when he was 19.

Yunho paid for the scholarships of 6 junior students and met with the principal and his previous teachers. He also had an autograph signing session and gave an inspirational speech for the success of the dreams of the students through having passion and then had a picture taken with some of his fans.”


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DBSK calendar…

The 2009 Lotte Official Calendar was released for TVXQ/DBSK, and the pictures look great.

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DBSK`s Wrong Number

Just a quick message…so…a new MV from DBSK is out, you have to watch it 🙂

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TVXQ`s first kiss

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One piece and TVXQ!

You get this if you put my two favorite things, One Piece and DBSK! It`s amazing! They are as TVXQ invited to Kohaku. Many people are saying this is a very big deal as only the top artists in Japan are invited, and those that are consider it to be an honor. Great news for TVXQ!

If I would meet this person who got the idea to let TVXQ sing opening for One Piece he would get one big hug from me! But the sad thing is, if there is new opening it means more episodes, right? It is good, but how long do I have to wait to get to them? Like you know subbed, because I don`t understand japanese!

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