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Kara goes this time for “Lupin” and “exit butt dance”

Kara, five member girl group, known for their cute “Rock U”, sweet “Honey”, dance butt “Mister” and now “exit butt dance” for “Lupin”. (Not sure if it called like that, read it somewhere…probably allkpop, there is everything there)

“Lupin” is a change of style, Seungyeon cut her hair short (still looks good), Nicole cut it shorter again (going for more boyish hair…looks good on her) and Gyuri changing from short to long? the short hair is a wig definetelly, you can tell it´s not her hair. I prefer Gyuri with long hair, she doesn´t give out this goddes aura with short hair. 🙂

credits to goldangel45

The girls didn´t abandon their cute image fully, on stage their perform “lupin” and “Umbrella”. “Umbrella” is a sweet song…listen to it.


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Girl Group Talk Talk

8th August, Inkigayo, Girl Group Special…something interesting happened. It was time for a Girl Group Talk!

From your favorite girlgroup´s were made little groups and  the girls talked about some subject.

The Leaders:

Taeyeon from SNSD, LC from 2ne1, Ji Hyun from 4minit, Gyuri from Kara

The Mascots:

Sunny from SNSD, Dara from 2ne1, SeungYeon and Hara from Kara (a girl from 4minute missing! Don´t they have someone like a mascot?)

The maknaes/youngest:

SeoHyun from SNSD, Gain from BEG, SoHyun of 4minute, Jiyoung from Kara

all credits to ssfsubs

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KARA is back with “Wanna” MV

Our cute and lovely girl group Kara is back! They are still cute. 🙂

credits to kpopsubs

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Ex-Kara Kim Sung Hee…what is she doing now?

All Credit to ALLKPOP.

KARA used to be a 4-girl group. Kim Sung Hee left the group and was replaced by 2 new members Go Hara and Kang Ji Young. Why? She left because she broke the promise to her parents about doing good in her studies while beeing a part of the group.

Here is a video from the time when they were a 4-member group…

and Sung Hee sang the OST for the drama Three-leaf Clover (2005) called Then it´s done:

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