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Hey Girl´s MVs…SNSD has been copied by Hey Girl!

Because of many comments on “SNSD has been copied? Hey Girl”, an article I wrote a year before.

There are many opinions on this…like SNSD is the best, or Hey Girl is better…and so on…but who knows the truth lies?

Well here are some Hey Girl´s MVs, for you to compare to SNSD, and say if they are copying SNSD or not. But I have to say that there is a difference between Taiwanese and Korean entertainment and music.

I´m sorry if I made a mistake somewhere and put a bad video or anything on, please tell me if I did. I´ll fix it right away. Thank you!

credits to amor017

credits to shestar05

credits to pauline233

credits to YYYYoooga

What do you think now? Copied or not? Who is better? be objective…

if you don´t know what´s it about go back to “SNSD has been copied by Hey Girl!”:


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SNSD´s Run Devil Run…

What more to add? The title says it all…the girls are back with the black Soshi concept…

credits to MsLeesang

Do you like more the oh! cute soshi or the devilish black soshi?

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D-NA are “Amiring (Tokyo) Boy”s

D-NA a rookie group, that want´s to be 2nd DBSK!

The youngest idol group D-NA debuts. They have spend 3 years preparing for their debut and it´s finally here! Picking DBSK as their role model. Who wouldn´t? They want to be the 2nd Dong Bang Shin Ki.

The group consists of 5 members HyunMin, In Joon, GaRam, Jay and Mika. They are known for their good vocal capabilities and harmony as well as their dance capabilities. Their group name means ‘the boss’ or ‘the boys of super space’ showing their aim to be the most influential artist. Their average age is 17 years old, which is the youngest amongst all idol groups in Korea.

Here is their MV for “tokyo boy” or “Admiring boy”..i think the name admiring is the right one? 🙂 Brings me back to the time when DBSK debuted with HUG:

credits to AznSamManMV

What do you think? Will the boys be a hit or not? I don´t think they copy DBSK, if they look up to the great DBSK is a big plus for them…i admire them too! Okay, okay…I´m a big fan of them!

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2AM:”I was wrong”

No 2AM, the four fantastic singers (and funny ones too) aren´t apologizing, but “I was wrong” is the name of their new song…here is the MV check it out!

credits to t2ssubs

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“Shock”ing Beast!

Beast is back…with their new MV for “Shock”. Gotta love it!

Yoseob isn´t the blond cutie anymore, but the silver hair suits him too. And there is nothing I can say to Jun Hyung…he just took away my breath. This guy surelly shows what´s in him…just like the rest of Beast!

Now they can sing “Bad girl” boy!

Shock MV:

credits to AsianMusicVideoHD

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