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Noonas are in trend…

The Korean music industry has caught on fire with Noona marketing, which started by Lee Seungi. And not only bands like SHINee, F.T.Island, U-kiss are getting labeled as Korea´s little brother, Olympic gold medal winner Lee Yong Dae is recieving love from noonas as well.

Lee Seungi´s Becaese You´re my woman bringed the trend into Kpop.


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Hyori´s Hey MR.Big MV released

credits to jaeurazn1

A new MV from Hyori “Hey MR.Big” no words to say more…

…well I kinda of don´t like it…not so catchy…maybe it is because it remindes me of techno….who knows why?

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We got married special + a new couple?

MBC will be broadcasting a 120 minute special of their representative program WGM as a Chuseok special.
As Chuseok is on the 14th of September, the program will broadcast a special whereby new couples will appear in the first part of the program, and existing couples in the second part in a quiz talk.

PD Kim Gu San said that only WGM will be broadcasted for the both parts of Sunday Night and repeatedly said that the new cast is temporary. PD Kim also said that the production team has been meeting male and female celebrities in order to find new couples for the first part and that the couples are not fixed yet, but there is no possibility for couples like Saori to come back on the program.

PD Kim also added that the new couples will go off on missions as a pair and that it cannot be promised that the couples will have a fixed appearance on the show, but if there was a change in the current cast then there is a high chance for the cast of the Chuseok special to be added.

On the other hand, for the second part of the special, the currently active couples Andy- Solbi, So In Young- Crown J, Alex- Shin Ae and Hyun Joong- Hwang Bo will be be asked to answer questions that have aroused curiosity through a quiz in the studios.

The MCs for the other segment of Sunday Night will be hosting the second part and will be asking difficult questions. This will be the meeting of WGM and Three Wheels.

PD Kim also said that with this opportunity, they would want to try asking the couples to play the Pepero Game however there is still the problem of adjusting the schedules.

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SHINee – a new MV

You are like  my oxygen

…great name…great song…who wouldn´t want to be oxygen that they breath???

found only a teaser…T-T…

credits to dbskrox23

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BIG BANG – Haru Haru Mvs released

First, even before Oh my friend MV, Big Bang released Haru Haru Mv…now it ahs even part 2!

that is number one Mv!

all thanks to wondersmurf

and the second one…I like the end

all thanks to Safari100001

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SHINee a teaser for new album

SHINee will be releasing their first album after debuting with a successful mini-album. Here’s the teaser for their new album, “You are like oxygen” (rough translation).

I cant even tell who is who (I can just jocking) because they look too good!

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Smash a new boyband!!!

6 member boy band known as Smash, from TN Entertainment is supposedly “extremely talented.”
The 6 members, Sae Gae, Chun Woo, Han Bang, Jerry, Hiro and Naruro are not only pretty boys and dancers but also composers and lyricists. Or so the press release states.

Smash will debut on Mnet M Countdown on the 14th (later today in Korea) and their first mini-album and MV will be released on the 19th.

Will they be a good boyband? It seems by the nmes that they dont have only Korean members, that is good, right? More nations, more fans…

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Big Bangs new MV “Oh my friend”

It is really cool, it is the 2nd MV from their new album and it is really great, Seungri as a mime, G-dragon as a criminal, TOP as a police men (so hot), Daesung as a boxer and Taeyang as a mechanic…

a song about friendship…

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Second movie of SM…

Super Juniors member Siwon, SNSDs Yoona and DBSKs Micky Yoochun will meet in a Korean movie, that will be filmed in the Philippines.

This is the second movie of SM after “Attack of the Flower Boys” performed by SJ. This movie will be out next year on SM’s anniversary.
This movie is well anticipated by citizens in the country and is said to start filming after SMTOWN 08 Concert.

I´m aticipating it too, so sad I´ll have to wait till it gets subbed…but it is worth of it….Yoochun and Siwon in one film… 🙂

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Girls Generation in NY?

Various rumors of Girls´Generation going to New York spread on internet.

“MeeHee” from one of the forums claims she has been on the same plane as the four members of SNSD.

Jessica, Tiffany, Sooyoung and Yuri

If the rumors are true, the girls shouldn’t be able to stay in New York too long as they’re scheduled to be one of the headliners for SM Town 08 Concert on August 15th.

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