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Kim Jong Kooks Today more than yesterday MV

sweet…I love the scene in bus, where the little boy plays violin and he listen to his mp3 and sings…


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Kim Jong Kook teaser Here I am

Singer Kim Jong Kook will be releasing his comeback 5th album end-October, 2 years after his 4th album released in 2006.

His company announced, “Kim Jong Kook will release his album on 22nd October. Also on 13th October, a 30-second teaser video will be released.”

Kim Jong Kook also spoke up about this, “I’m a grateful to all the fans who have shown me support and love. I have put my whole heart to the singing the songs in this new album. This made me feel that this album is more valuable than ever.”

Kim Jong Kook reported for his military service in 2006 and this 5th album is fans’ long awaited comeback.

So you all know I`m his fan too. He has such a nice voice and I love when he is on X-man…specialy with Yunho of DBSK, those two together are funny…here is my favorite song from him Loveable…I just can`t stop listening to this, no matter how much I heard it…well I don`t want to hate it, so I don`t really listen too often to it….you know what I mean, if you hear one song too many times it gets annoying even if it is great!

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