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Lee Hyori…sexy diva is back

Lee Hyori returned back to the music scene, even though you could see her in “Family Outing”, now that it´s the second one on (with Yoona, Taecyeon, Jo Kwon and many more…” not anymore.

Hyori returned with her unique style and beuty. “Chitty chitty bang bang” is the name of her new song…

Here is the MV:

credits to 0101emilie

If you want to see the sexy diva on stage, watch M!Countdown, where she performed Chitty chitty bang bang (too long name…) and “I´m back” + “You want me back” (I´m not sure about this one)

For Hyori lovers and haters, there has been some talk on the internet about Hyori copying…WHO?! Lady gaga? Beyonce?

To Lady Gaga, some crazy wing and crazy outfits, that´s what Lady gaga is famous for, if that´s what Hyori copied…I don´t see any problem in that, it´s not Lady Gaga´s invention, though I do like her, her songs are kind of catchy and fun…but maybe it´s not that what she copied.

Beyonce…well I don´t get whatHyori copied from her, but sexy diva and sexy diva…it would be totaly amazing if they did a song together…or just a CF, like Hyori did with Jessica Alba.

What do you think? A hit or not? 🙂


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