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Strong heart….because….

Strong Heart, a talk show on SBS. The show started to air on October 6, 2009 and is still on. With the national funny (pig :D) host Kang Ho Dong and the sweet and funny singer Lee Seung Gi hosting the show. A show where 24 celebrity guests tell their stories, some entertaining, some make you cry and try to snatch the Strong Heart for themselfs.

The guest change for the episodes, you get new and new stories about celebrities from themselfs. Revealing truths about their lifes and scandals…there is only one show who can make your feelings like on a rollecoaster and that´s Strong Heart! (my own opinion…i know there is many other shows like that too…I´m trying to make it interesting…)

So why watch it? I made a short list of why…(tried really hard!)

1.Kang Ho Dong, you have to love this funny and unique host, who gets angry if compared to Yoo JaeSuk, shows his interests in coupling people which he has from Love Letter (a couple show on which he was the host), don´t forget his big head and his similarity to a pig…

2.Lee Seung Gi, you are a fan sure…If not than you should, this host is very funny, blunt, shows affection (mostly towards Yoona), is respectfull to his elders, and is using Kang Ho Dong to become a famous host, you can see him sometimes how he puts down Ho Dong…

3.Stories, many stories are told during each episode, some of them are explanations of scandals, issues of what happened, idols and other celebrities reveal funny or sad stories from their life…

4.Teukigayo, started as Boom Academy, but with Boom leaving for army, Leeteuk -Super Junior leader and Eunhyuk -Suju´s anchovy and dance machine and Shindong -Suju´s cute dancer and rapper took over the gags, they copy other celebrities, make fun of them, tell jockes, do skits and show pictures of celebrities, which are from their childhood, funny faces or the pretty ones, you just have to snap it into two pieces if it´s emberassing….that´s the unwritten rule…

5.performances, always some short performances, dances, singing, acting, imitating…

Some of the interesting things that happened or were revealed on strong heart…so you know what to watch if you want to know more about it:

Hwanhee from ex-duo Flight to the sky hated SM Town, the bright and cheerful family

Taeyeon stepps down as a leader

who dances better? Jo Kwon or Brian

Hwang Jung Eum about her relationship

Narsha´s age isn´t the only secret she has….whole profile is fake?

Deasung got into YG for his face…

Taecyoun and Yoona scandal

Leeteuk wants to marry Yoona, Seung Gi loves Yoona, Brian wants Yoona too…

Rain ripps his pants…

Heechul clears rumors about beeing gay…even G.O. though he is…

There are too many things I could write down, those are that I remember the most :)…please watch it you might like it…

If you are already watching it. What is your favorite part till now? Who would you like to see there and wasn´t there as a guest?


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Trax makes their comeback!

Trax is back! Jungmo and Jay keep Trax alive. There are no news about Jungwoo.

Trax released a mini album with 6 tracks, featuring Shinee´s Key, Wheesung and more.

Now for the best…what do you get if you put together, Jungmo´s guitar skills, Jays vocals, SuperJunior´s Heechul acting and looks, and f(x)´s Victorias acting and beuty…..the answer is…..”Let you go”.

Watch it here:

credits to 4minniemink

Love to see Trax back, and love to see Heechul to get some spotlight, the same for Victoria.

At around 2:25…when a tear falls onto their picture, I started to cry and shout “get back together! don´t cry!”.

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