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SNSD aka Girl´s Generation got a boy? Just one? 13 girls on 1 boy…oh boy….

credits to kpopsubs2

Girl´s Generation´s comeback…wow! oh, the MV is out! …after 5 minutes and 4 seconds….WHAT THE…!!!! Is this SNSD? Helloooo….where did those bubbly girls with catchy songs go?! After second listening….hmm…pretty good…

I hate comments! This is not really a song that would be typical for GG, but wasn´t it right time for them to come up with something new? And did they do well? Yep they did! From head to toe those girls looks stylish, pretty and flawless like always! Rapping?! Sooyoung starting of the song with her rap, followed by Yuri…remind me when this ever happened before? I must say that the girls with their rapping skills and voices killed it! Even though I had to watch the MV two times…first it was without eng subs so I was like, whatever they are saying the song is kind of mixed up version of few songs, right? But the second songs with the subs, when I got to know the story of this song…I was like wow! The girls sure know how to express it and the dance…LOVE IT! I got a boy…..

I´ll stop babbling right now…but it is up to you… Did SNSD aka GG do good with promoting this song or not? Is it a hit or flop?


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SNSD….copied/copies…huh?! Wonder Girls? Russian singer?

SNSD is know for beeing a 9 member girl group, named Girls Generation too, and for beeing a popular girl group in Korea and some other countries around the world. There were many casses when SNSD was copied by other artists, like Idol Girls from Taiwan (see old post). Can be that SNSD copies too?

I found on one of the many blogs there are a video uploaded of Wonder Girls, who perfomed their song “This fool” and this song was released before “Gee”. So did SNSD copy WG´s dance moves?

Here is the video…watch out for 1:05, when the girls do a dance similar to the crab dance in “Gee”:

credits for video: akuseru112

credits for the copying case:

Is it even copied? I don´t think so, some dance moves do look alike, but i don´t  think this one was copied…talking about copying…did you see the “Mirotic” rap part dance? Watch 1:01, with their arms folded and moving slightly to the sides? Can´t see….get your imagination work!

SNSD copied again! Russian singer Dineyra copied SNSD´s “Tell me your wish Genie”. SM statted that Genie is an orriginal song, and that the demo was leaked and copied by the singer. Too much alike to not be true…

credits to: ZuhRaBegiM

On top of that the newest SNSD song “Oh!” that they are promoting now, is a copy of Rihanna´s “Shut up and drive”. Netizens found some similarity….up to you to judge!

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Why do you like SNSD?

I found on internet forums (like so many that I was too lazy to count them) about why do you like/hate SNSD. Well…because I´m a fan of them…sort of…I´m not that kind of obsessed one…I want to post this up. Here are some reasons why you…fans…like SNSD: (they are lined up randomly)

1.Looks…all of the girls are good looking, pretty, cute and so on

2.voices…cute nice voices

3.songs that are easy listening to, catchy…you can folow after them, it is easy and looks good

5.energetic…as in their clothes, hair, acessories

What more? Generaly that is all, things like they are talented, really pretty, behave like normal girls, and above or something that is the same meanings but you say it with different words (it is still same: like when you say beautiful and i say pretty).

Try to think hard if you are a fan of SNSD, why are you one? I don´t know either…the only thing that comes on my minde is because of their songs, that are catchy like Gee and Tell me your wish genie…I really like those not more of them…I´m sorry, but it is the truth.

What is your opinion?

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