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Plagiarizing…is popular!

I don´t count how many times I´ve read the word plagiarizing while reading kpop news…

G-Dragon is popular for his plagiarizing casses, with many korean artists folowing…like CNBlue, Kara and even Lee Hyori!

G-Dragon´s “Heartbreaker” is a great song, but it´s not an original? It was a big issue that Heartbreaker is just another version of “Right round” by Florida. And now even his looks, a guy with blond hair and a fashionista is not original, because he is a wannabe. G-Dragon is a wannabe Milan Stankovic? Who is Milan Stankovic? He isn´t well know in Europe either, maybe if you are a Serbian, because he is a Serbian singer, who debuted in 2007 and now is back -taking part in Eurovision contest with his song “This is Balkan” (=Ove je balkan). Did GD really steal his looks and style from him?

That´s not all…Milan Stankovic´s (my favorite song from him) song “Face” has the same name as ChungLim´s song “Face”???

Here are both of the MV´s…what do you think is it the same song?

credits to KpopMoveMent

credits to mccanalplus

Just kidding! It isn´t the same song…I wasn´t serious there, ChungLim just popped in my minde when I wrote about Milan Stankovic and G-Dragon issue, because of the same name songs. And I don´t know why, but when ChungLim sings the refrain it kind of makes me think of the other artist…I´m confused… 😛

And if you watcht the FACE mv from the serbian singer, don´t you think that what he wears at 0:49 would totaly wear TOP of Big Bang, and his face kind of remindes me of Junsu from 2pm…I´m going crazy here! 😀

Another serbian artist is an idol for idol girl group Kara? It seems that Kara´s “Lupin” was inspired by Jelena Karleusa´s song “Insomnia”…found a video that compares those two…

credits to kentor3

This is all to this subject for now…will write new stuff after I see it, so wait till than. And no matter what like kpop songs or any other countries songs as their are. Some of the celebrities can´t do anything with what their companies do wtih them. (Like Kara, It´s a really small chance that Kara knew of some Jelena Karleusa…but maybe they did…and maybe the producer of their song or composer knew too. Or it could be that it´s the same person! I´ll stop blabbering here! I´m sorry!)

Have a nice day and week…your one and only ciagirl

I did so not plagiarize my nickname…just statting…


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