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“Googbye my love” by J.Rich ft.Yunho

Korean idol star and a God of East/Asia, the DBSK (TVXQ) leader U-know Yunho is featured in J.Rich´s MV for “Goodbye my love”. J.Rich, not knowing much about this group, one of the member Woojoo is a friend of Yunho, as a good friend Yunho would act in his MV with ex-Sugar member Park Soojin. One is sure J.Rich members have nice voices and though we don´t get to see them, or is it the 3 guys you see at the start of the video, that Yunho is doing a photoshooting with? Who knows…it´s just my guess!

“goodbye my love” MV:”

credits to princesz60x

I must say Yunho as a photographer is great, he totaly fits that role, and Soojin as a pretty girlfriend that loves him is the best! I must say I wasn´t much a fan of her at first, but I got to like her through her acting, mostly thanks to acting as Heechul´s girlfriend and wife in “Loving you a million of times”.


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