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Time for GOSSIPing with GIRLs from RAINBOW

RAINBOW a new girl group from DSP Entertainmnet (SS501 and Kara). So here are the 7 colors members of Rainbow:

Kim Jae Kyung (20) Leader & landed solo CF deal with Samsung Card


Oh SeungA (21)


No Eul (21)


Jung Yoon Hye (20)


Kim Ji Sook (19)


Jo Hyun Young (18)


Go Woo Ri (21)


The youngest is 18 and the oldest is 21, the age difference in group isn´t big, but don´t you think they look a lot the same? Maybe it´s just because of the pics. Who knows?

Watch their MV and think…another hit or just wanna be?

credits to UrAsianSource

I´m missing Seo InYoung with her brand new shoes and “Cinderella”…they could do a song together….I´m not jocking…for reall…Let´s go girls!


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